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Three Days Of Darkness(어둠의 3일)

뉴에이지에서 언급되는 3일의 어둠에 대한 Voyagers 설명

Ascension Mechanics - EARTH TIME CYCLES - Morphogenetic Waves

(The Voyagers - 113pg)

At the height of the morphogenetic wave crest, during the half-point in the cycle, there is an approximately three-day period when Earth’s magnetic fields temporarily collapse as the spin of particles and anti-particles slows, polarity again reverses, and the angle of particle rotation shifts back 45° to its original position. Within that three-day period, particle Earth returns to its HU-1 time cycle in the particle universe, and anti-particle Tara returns to its HU-2 time cycle in the HU-2 anti-particle universe. There will be difficulty with the functioning of earthly electrical and magnetic devices during this period, and the human mind and body will experience an excessive feeling of tension, pressure and fatigue. Strange atmospheric anomalies may occur, including a prolonged period of darkness and daylight, and the possible appearance of a double moon, depending upon the balance of the Earth’s grid. These symptoms will release as soon as the transfer of time cycles is completed, but during the three-day period tremendous stress will be placed upon the human’s body, mind and emotions.

결론적으로 상승 경로는 실패로 돌아갔으며 3일의 어둠은 발생하지 않았음.
참고: 2017년 SAC

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