Connecting The Dots

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6 Primary Levels of Identity

밀도 Identity Matrix Mind
- Geomancy
Yunasai Cosmic Conscious
HU5 Rishi Solar Universal Conscious
D15: Partika
D14: Partiki
D13: Particum
HU4 Avatar Dolar Meta Conscious
D12: Nirvanic
D11: Buddhiac
D10: Christiac
HU3 Teura Oversoul Causal
D9: Keriatric
D8: Monadic
D7: Ketheric
HU2 Dora Soul Super Conscious
D6: Angelic
D5: Archetypal
D4: Astral
HU1 Tauren Incarnate Individual
D3: Reasoning
D2: Instinctual
D1: Subconscious

Four Components of Mind

  1. The Subconscious Mind/Body Consciousness/Cellular Memory Facility
    • Key Function: Data Storage.
    • Stores perceptual imprints from various Components of Mind and stores directional impulses from the Superconscious Mind, through which the body receives its operational “orders” from the Soul Matrix.
  2. The Instinctual Mind: the Emotional/Intuitive Facility
    • Key Function: Data Relay.
    • To relay directional electrical impulse and information from the Soul Matrix/Superconscious Mind into Cellular Memory storage within the body/Subconscious Mind.
  3. The Reasoning Mind: the Logical/Rational Facility
    • Key Function: Data assimilation, translation and manifestation.
    • Assimilates electrical impulse data from other Components of Mind, translates these impulses into patterns recognizable to the waking personality and assists in the holographic projection/manifestation of electrotonal Keylon Codes from the Cellular Memory into externally perceivable reality.
  4. The Superconscious Mind: The Group Soul Matrix
    • Key Function: Creation of experiential templates and individual identities in HU-1.
    • Serves as the creative intelligence behind the manifestation of individuated identities and experiential events in HU-1.
차원 Mind Key Function
Creation of experiential templates and
individual identities in HU-1
D3 Reasoning Data assimilation, translation and manifestation
D2 Instinctual Data Relay
D1 Subconscious Data Storage
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