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ctd:eternal-internal_creation [2019/06/10 21:35]
ctd:eternal-internal_creation [2019/06/15 22:55] (현재)
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--------------- ​+=== Q2 === 
 +Thank you again N. 
 +It helps to have this wave upon wave, directional arrow illustration. ​ From an '​accident'​ @ 13 (haha there are no such things) with a Van da Graaf generator ​I went round giving my classmates electric shocks and gave up physics out of shock things like that could happen (!) so there'​s no wonky instruction in place already ​but for someone who's naturally got more of an artistic brain, this explanation'​s helpful. ​ One day, I like to imagine people being shown videos (or the futuristic holographic counterpart) of KS processes in motion, so it's clearer how these '​separations that aren't separations'​ happen! 
 +One question: although it makes sense the Earth'​s greater wholeness would have a higher resonance than us, what's your opinion about having a Schumann resonator in ones’ environment? ​ Do you think this (supposedly) natural background EM field 7.83 Hz of Earth is helpful in raising our vibration, or because of all the other interferences to the field at least balancing us with Earth? ​ Would YU have one in your living room? :) 
 +In gratitude, H 
 +=== A3 === 
 +Hi H,  
 +Firstly, when I mentioned the high frequencies of the Earth I was referring to those produced by the dual counter-rotating vortices (Merkaba). So this wouldn'​t have anything directly to do with the low frequencies of the Schuman resonance, which is an effect condition and not a cause (standing waves bouncing around the planet between the ground and the ozone layer).  
 +I would think that Ashayana will have made a reference to the Schuman resonance in some workshop, in which information related to the Guardian material clarifies your question---maybe someone will remember this.  
 +Scientific research has been done on the Schuman resonance, claiming health benefits by counteracting the artificial EM activity around the planet. However, this planet is riddled with the energy patterns of artificial, mutated and malfunctioning realities intertwined with the natural order of the harmonic Divine blueprint. ​ Out of this mess, however, is the more ordered Metatronic system but only ordered  
 +relative to the more chaotic systems. ​ As we all know this system is finite and closes off creation, which is ultimately retarding, debilitating and counter to ascension.  
 +Regarding claimed benefits, for example, let problem B be a distortion from a more ordered problem A.  We fix B and get noticeable benefits, with A remaining in the background, which we have unconsciously normalised. ​ Another example: Imagine a larger wave carrying smaller ones. Now think of an existence made up of the smaller waves. However, our perception/​detection process is inside the larger wave (structured out of it).  As a result, we the observer will normalise, that is, zero out the larger wave (imagine now a straight line). ​ Eventually the observers will have to recognise that the zero line is an energy and has a  
 +value, and now an expansion of context will take place. This is precisely what quantum physics revealed 80 years ago regarding the experimental method (that the observer appears to be part of, or inside the experimental set up and automatically sets a (false) zero) on the boundary of this context). But scientists never understood it.  
 +Science formulates laws based on measurements that are referencing only an apparent zero (in most cases). ​ Its laws are thus relative and limiting to human behaviour and evolution. ​ The laws need undating periodically to reference a new, less relative zero in a fractal system involving less relative zeros in higher universes going back to the ultimate zero, the Absolute.  
 +Thus I wouldn'​t personally trust the Schuman devices which may only reveal surface benefits and eventually reinforce the resonance with the Metatronic spiral. ​ Look at the state of planet Earth (and our bodies) with a gravitron vortex altering our alignment (Earth tilt) and spin value, etc. How can one  
 +expect a product from this condition to be ultimately beneficial to life.  
 +Furthermore,​ the Schuman resonance has the characteristics of a Yin/Yang polarity with the usual omission of the vital third integrating unit. This can be simplified to the triad principle. ​ All interactions (except artificial) between parts, say, particles or between people (let's say between A and B), have an  
 +inherent third element, say C (place above A and B to form a triangle). ​ If C is not active A and B can go into conflict (or any kind of negativity can arise). If A and B resonate on something (agreement, etc.) C becomes active and each is sharing a bit of consciousness (but simultaneously can retain individuality). Even the particles or waves (this is how the laser works) in harmony resonate and quantum regenerate this '​collective'​ C.  This triad principle also represents the mind computer '​bit',​ as opposed to our artificial systems which would only contain A's and B's. Note that the ManU, EirA and ManA relationship is a similar principle.  
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