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9,558 BC 
 906 BC

3,470 BC - Babble-On Massacre

Galactic Federation and Luciferian Pleiadian and Nibiruian Anunnaki races steal Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gate tools, attempt world dominion beginning in Marduke-Anunnaki Dra­konian-held Babylon. Temporary planetary magnetic grid collapse creat­ed, using Arc tools at Babylon and Nibiruian-Diodic-Crystal-Grid at Stonehenge, England, to create reverse-Fire-Letter-Sequence distortions in Earth's Planetary Shields, which caused major mutations in the mutation of the Angelic Human DNA Template. Erased Race Memory, blocked nat­ural Kundalini flow in body causing Pineal, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Thyroid Gland malfunctions that shorten human life span and block inter­-dimensional perception in all but implanted Annu-Melchizedek “Chosen Ones” and scrambled natural language patters. Recorded as “Tower of Babel” story in Bible. Grail King races retrieve Arc of the Covenant Box and Tools, preventing advancement of world dominion through intended pole shift.

2,668 BC - Djoser Invasion

Galactic Federation, Luciferian and Jehovian Anunnaki infiltrate Sakkara, Egypt, with Pharaoh Djoser and their Luciferian Knights Templar “Super-race” and Midianite races of Israel and Sumeria. Serres-Egyptian-Lohas Atlantian Grail King Pharaoh Imhotep deposed in peaceful surrender. Imhotep remains with Djoser regime as “lesser of the apparent evils” compared to the Marduke-Anunnaki Drako­nian Agenda invasions progressively advancing from Babylonia.


2024 BC - Dead Sea Conquest

Galactic Federation and Luciferian Anun­naki races steal Arc of Covenant Box and Tools again, launch world do­minion campaign again in Babylonia, extending into Dead Sea area between Israel and Jordan. Destroy Sumerian cities once located in Dead Sea region. Recorded as “Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah” in the Bible. Maji Grail King races retrieve Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and tools, preventing spread of Anunnaki world dominion.

1670 BC - Hyksos Invasion

1670 BC to 1550 BC. Medianite-Hyksos King Jehovian Annu-Melchizedeks cross with Luciferian Knights Templar Anu­-Melchizedeks from Sakkara, Egypt Djoser lineage. Infiltrate Egypt from 2668 BC and finally take over Egyptian Dynasty as Hyksos Kings in 1670 BC. 1550 BC Drakonian Agenda Pharaoh Ahmose deposes last Hyksos King Pharaoh Kamose, leading to 1476 BC Hyksos Exodus under Drako­nian Agenda Pharaoh Tuthmosis III. Under Galactic Federation direc­tion, Hyksos intend to invade and destroy Angelic Human Hebrew Tribe-2 in Israel.

1459 BC - Israel Crusade

Hyksos from Exodus instructed by Galactic Federation and Luciferian Anunnaki to use stolen Arc of the Covenant Gold Box Star Gate “Rod and Staff” tools to destroy Hebrew Angelic Human Tribe-2. Intend to claim Israel as their “Promised Land” as beginning of intended global dominion pole shift Luciferian Covenant agenda. Serres­ Egyptian Maji Grail Kings exiled in desert retrieve Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and tools preventing the Hyksos' destruction of Hebrew Tribe-2. Hyksos do not get their “Promised Land,” the story of the Hyksos Exodus intentionally integrated into Hebrew and Christian historical teachings to conceal Hyksos Annu-Melchizedek presence.


1458 BC - Hatshepsut Invasion

Serres-Egyptian Maji Grail King Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt receives Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and tools from desert Maji Grail kings after they stop Hyksos Israel Invasion. Her part-Drakonian half-brother Tuthmosis III invades Hatshepsut's Temple and steals Arc Box. thepatternonline.org_wp-content_uploads_ark-of-the-covenant.jpg

1353 BC - Fall of Akhenaton

Attempt to enter Hyksos-Egyptian King line into Serres-Egyptian Maji Grail king line for Galactic Federation­ Hyksos Emerald Covenant entry and Hyksos genetic Bio-Regenesis Pro­gram. Pharaoh Akhenaton fails in his intended Emerald Covenant Mis­sion in favor of Anunnaki Luciferian Agenda and is killed by competing Drakonian Agenda Uncle. Galactic Federation defects from Emerald Covenant.

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9,558 BC 
 906 BC
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