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Kundalini Energy

Part of the Kee-Ra-ShA energies. The human Kee-Ra-ShA begins at conception with the building of the Kundalini and the “Silver Cord”, bridges of inter-dimensional frequency that connects the fetus to the Soul Matrix and through which fetal integration of the soul essence occurs.

When the conception occurs part of the incoming soul essence first enters the original 8 cells at the base of the spine that will grow to become the fetus, establishing an energetic link, often called the Kundalini Energies, between the embryo and the incoming soul essence. The amount of energy stored in the Kundalini will be determined by the capacity of the genetic code to hold ULF and UHF energy; the soul essence energies that cannot integrate into the DNA will be stored in the Kundalini center at the base of the spine. Once the fetus begins to accelerate in vibration and grow, due to the stimuli applied by the soul essence, the faster vibrating portions of the soul essence energy are fed into the fetal body, forming 3 energetic coils at the base of the spine that connect the fetal body directly to the race morphogenetic field in Earth's core and the Soul Matrix in HU-2. This coiling spiral of ULF and UHF energy becomes the Kundalini energies, which slowly feed the body during its growth to physical maturity. As the Kundalini Spirals are being set at the base of the spine within the fetal pattern, another bridge of frequency is set into the body in the regions of the Navel, Heart and Crown Chakras and with the Pineal, Thyroid and Thymus glands.

Silver Cord

This part of the Kee-Ra-ShA energies creates a bridge of 9-dimensional frequency, a “Silver Cord”, that opens the Crown chakra vortex for full fetal integration and connects the body form at the navel and several other regions of the body, to the sustaining energies of the Soul Matrix and Nada Hova Body. The Kundalini energies at the base of the spine connects to the Silver Cord frequency bridge forming a “main vertical current of energy” running through the fetus and the morphogenetic field, through which the body and consciousness will progressively raise in vibration and expand as physical growth and soul essence integration continues over time. In most contemporary humans the Kundalini Spirals usually remain dormant throughout the lifetime, following their original placement at conception. The Kundalini Spirals are connected to the Silver Cord and to the Pineal Gland at the brain center, and only become activated when the Pineal Gland receives enough stimulation of higher dimensional frequency as the Soul Integration and DNA activation process proceeds.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 29)

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