Connecting The Dots

아빠의 우주연구

사용자 도구

사이트 도구


Maji Grail Line

Level-6 Eckar Indigo Child-Type-1 Maji Grail line Angelic Humans, who have frequencies of the Primal Creation Currents integrated into their DNA Template from birth. (Magician 어원의 기원)

Grail(Grual) Point

The Planetary Chakra system, also called Stargates, acts to step down the higher energies transmitting from the Source field into the Sun, which is then directed into the many Stargates. The Stargates transmit an energetic spectrum of frequencies, moving from the higher to lower dimensions, in order to reach the matter fields and circulate them throughout the planetary grid network. Stargates create spirals of these energies, which are designed on a frequency scale to circulate the God Source energy into reciprocal exchanges with multiple dimensions of creation. The frequency scale of the spirals of energy feed into the manifested realms of space and time, returning back into the center point of the feedback loop, thus, returning to unite with the God Source field. The Planetary Stargate that receives the transmission of the Source field for distribution into the rest of the planetary grid system, is the Grail Point or Grual Point.

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