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 +===== Partiki Phasing =====
 +In order to create manifestation,​ Partiki units do something called PKI Phasing, which means they continually and perpetually break apart and come back together, break apart and come back together. Partiki units are not free-floating units of energy; they are fixed points of frequency that are arranged in very specific relationships to each other to form manifestation templates; they form a scalar grid of fixed points. If you want to understand a scalar grid, think of a marquee (also explained on page 22) that you sometimes see around theatre signs; you would have a series of light bulbs and they would all flash off and on at a certain rhythm, and it would look like a moving string of light going around, but the light was just an illusion, they were not really moving. The movement, the "​illusion of movement"​ was created by the flashing on and off sequence of the stationary points of light. You can understand PKI units as representing those stationary light bulbs. They are fixed points of units of energy that cycle-they go from vibration to oscillation,​ vibration to oscillation. There is a difference between vibration and oscillation. It goes from the omni-polar state where it is ante-matter sound into a bi-polar state, electromagnetic,​ where it is light. This is what PKI units do; they stay in one place and cycle on and off, flash on and off.
 +The template of the universal structure upon which the 5 Harmonic Universes (and all of the galaxies within them) manifest are created of PK/ units that phase on and off. A PKI unit that phases on and off draws to itself other like units, so you have clusters of PKI units phasing on and off. Those clusters are called Keylons; that is where we get "​Key/​antic Science."​ Keylons build up to form more complex Keylons or Key/on Codes that progressively build up the form of energy that serves as the blueprint for manifestation.
 +When you look at the aspect of the PKI Phasing, when PKI go into bi-polarity,​ where they flash on from being a sound-they are a small sound vibration but then flash on into a light oscillation - you can view that as a scalar-wave;​ it is a type of scalar-wave. Each one of those standing points of PKI units-when they phase on into bi-polarity--creates a scalar-wave pattern and then it flashes off again into vibration, then back on again into oscillation ... standing wave patterns, scalar-waves,​ standing waves.
 +Partiki Phasing is a very fundamental process in creation through which Source manifests creation. An importantpointinrelationtocreationisthatwhatisbeingcreatedisprimarilystructure. Sourceiscreating structure; It is projecting part of Its Consciousness,​ part of Its aliveness into structure. It is effectively exploring Its own nature from within that structure and integrating what It learns from that process back into the wholeness of Itself. There is a process involved in PKI Phasing. We have the Original PKI, which manifests as a neutral structure around the original concept in Source. This neutral structure replicates within itself-it creates an equal replica of itself. That replica in turn phases, it polarizes into two equal and opposite expressions of the Original Idea. One manifests as a unit on the matter (PCM) side of creation and the other a unit on the anti-matter side of creation (PKA).
 +Partiki Phasing, in simple terms, is how these three units, the Partiki, the PartikA and the Particum interact with each other. Basically they phase together to become ante-matter. When they polarize you have anti-matter (PKA) and its opposite which is matter (PCM). These are the base units of conscious energy that group together in many different ways to form anti- particles and particles. Particles live in our particle universe, which is called the Particum Universe. This is where you get these words. Throughout the literature you will see the abbreviation PCM or PKA, which means Particum Universe and PartikA Universe.
 +The PartikA Universe is our parallel universe that is built upon a primary base of PartikA anti-matter units, where our system is a Particum Universe built upon matter units. You could look at Particum as the female and PartikA as the male, and the Partiki as the original spirit or androgynous being out of which they both came. Partiki, PartikA, and Particum are standing waves, little tiny standing waves that cycle. They go back and forth from being an ante-matter state of unification and coming'​ on, or flashing on into manifestation of particle and anti-particle. This would be their oscillation stage, and you would be able to see them if you were looking at them with your etheric microscopic vision. When they go into vibration they would flash off and become ante-matter particles. That is a simple way to understand it.
 +These units of consciousness always come in a group of three-or one that generates two and then goes back to one again. This means you have a Still Point. So there is the replica and the original and both hold the original pattern. Then the replica polarizes creating two expressions of the original pattern, but with opposedpolarities. Partiki,​PartikAandParticumallexistatthesametime.However,​hereinthemanifest hologram focus there is a sequence of cause and effect-one thing appears to come before another. Thus we perceive the action, this PKI Phasing, at different phases. Our bodies are made of templates of consciousness units that also phase, but do it in a syncopated rhythm. The consciousness units do not all phase at the same time; they follow a rhythmical (mathematical) program.
 +(Elements of Discovery - Manual)
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