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Bashar on the Tunguska Explosion 1908

Q&A with Darryl Anka Channeling Bashar

Q: Could you explain what the explosion was that occurred in Tunguska in Siberia in 1908?

B: A craft, malfunctioning. It was not, as many of your people believe, the idea of either cometary body or the idea of a miniature black hole or the idea of a meteoric impact. It was, as many people suspect, the idea of a malfunctioning craft.

Q: Hmm!

B: But more in the sense of what you would call an “energy gate” craft, an intrusion into your dimensional reality. Something far more sophisticated than simply the concept of what you would consider to be a “nuts and bolts” technology.

Q: Hm-mm.

B: That’s why it was perceived mostly as the idea of glowing energy, rather than literally as a metallic craft. It was not metallic, in that sense, though when it intruded into your dimensional reality, it did begin to take on some crystalline metallic qualities before it exploded.

Q: Uh-ha…and, ah…

B: In fact, it actually was a miscalibration of the energy requirements for stabilization in your dimension that caused the explosional rip. When coming from a higher dimensional frequency, things must be calibrated very carefully in order to find true balance incorporation into the physical material reality into which they are intruding. An imbalance was achieved, and it created a dimensional rip, which back-lashed, fed back into the mechanism and allowed there to be a powerful explosion. Does that make any sense to you?

Q: Uh…somewhat, yeah…I’ll listen to it again.

B: Well, it’s, again, similar to the idea of attempting to bottle something up that is simply far too powerful for the container when it is miscalculated. And thus, it blew the container apart as it was forming.

Q: OK…

B: As it translated from a higher dimension of great power, down to the dimension of more restricted and limited expression of power, the miscalibration allowed there to be an inconsistency in the container that was forming to hold the idea of the translation in the jump from one dimension to the other, and, in that sense, the destabilization caused an explosion outward of energy. Does that make more sense?

Q: Yes, it makes sense.

B: Oh, all right.

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