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“Once upon a time” as you call it in the fairytales, or approximately 4.6 billion years ago, the original information of your solar system was: your Sun as the central Star; Mercury; Venus; Mars, (no Moon), a fourth planet larger than Earth (which did not exist at this time) with many moons including a large moon; Jupiter, Saturn (no ring), Uranus, Neptune and the planet you now understand to be Pluto was a satellite of Saturn at that time. So in the beginning this was the arrangement of the solar system.

Approximately four billion years ago, a planet from another location came into your still-forming solar system, in a retrograde orbit. Intruding into your solar system in the opposite direction, it had a great impact upon the arrangement of the world in the following way. This incoming planet was also surrounded by it's own Moons. It arrived in approximately the same orbit as the fourth planet that then existed - the one beyond Mars (Mars at that time was the third planet) shattered this planet creating what you now understand to be the Asteroid Belt. The molten remains cooled once again, moved into a tighter orbit around your Sun and became what you now understand to be your planet of Earth, and brought with it the large Moon of the fourth planet and that is why you still have your large Moon in orbit around your Earth. This explains why your Moon is so large compared to the parent planet. Your Moon originally formed around a larger planet of which your Earth is only a part. The Earth is approximately 67% of the former planet. The water came with you, in that there was much water on this planet, but it reformed over time into a spherical shape once again and the rift where the shadowing took place is what is now become your Pacific Ocean area. You will remember that all of your land was on one side of your planet at one time, and through continental shift, moved and closed in around the Pacific Ocean making it much smaller than it used to be. But the Pacific Ocean is basically the site where the impact occurred that shattered that planet into the asteroid belt and your earth. This planet was also responsible for shattering the Moons, causing Saturn's rings, and for turning Uranus on it's side, giving it a very highly inclined axis, and also through gravitational perturbation wrested Pluto away from Saturn, placing it in it's own orbit as an independent world.

This planet which caused all of this re-arranging is still part of your solar system now in a highly elliptical orbit. It is in that sense your tenth planet, but it's orbit encompasses what you would call 3,600 years. Every 3,600 hundred years it comes back around. It is approximately half- way, 1800 years before it re-enters the immediate neighborhood of your solar system. Thus the solar system as you generally understand it was created in that formation.

Now let's skip ahead through much time and let us also talk about a parallel lineage, for you must understand that not only are we going to talk about what is happening in your solar system, but also your connections to other solar systems and how you came to be in the solar system you are in. So we will call your solar system “Lineage A” - let us talk about other solar systems all encompassed under the title “Lineage B”.

Lineage B involves what you might call Lyran system; Pleidian system: Orion system and so forth. These ideas simply can be expressed as the fact that there were other civilizations that existed in these other systems. Many of you now existing on earth are reincarnationally those same beings that existed in those other systems. There are many things happening in those other systems; many other kinds of civilization, interactions and encounters. A primary thread that ran through some of those ancient systems, especially the Orion system, was of experiences of great suppression, oppression and negativity. As those systems fought amongst themselves as certain beings fought for freedom, they were in many cases destroyed in their fight and sought to reincarnate in other systems that were of a similar vibration in which they could process the ideas of their ancient negativity, eventually aspiring to transform that negativity into positive understanding and creation. Eventually it was found that your Earth system would suit that purpose, but not a quite yet. First we must go back to the understanding that, as these other systems, the Pleidian system etc. began to disperse themselves out amongst the stars. Eventually several forms of them also came after many millennium to your Earth system and did inhabit many of the planets that existed there in it.

The Moon, the satellite of this large planet that caused all the early disruption, was a perfect place for some inhibition and because of it's highly elliptical orbit, it allowed for a vast amount of scientific study of both the inner and outer solar system, and allowed for direct observations that cannot be made by existing on some of the planets that are confined to the more regular orbit around your Sun, so bases were set up there on the satellites of that large planet with the highly elliptical orbit. In time, both of the bases on Mars and the two Martian Moons, Formos and Dymos (remnants of the original impact that created the asteroid belt) were gravitationally moving into orbit around Mars to create certain type of stabilization which was necessary at the time for the planet, and also for resources - water and mineral content for certain space stations that were created at that time. We are talking many 100s and 1000's of years ago.

There were certain things that were occurring on different planets at that time - certain destabilization of races, of environment, of atmosphere. The offshoot, as you say, of the beings that visited this system so long ago could be early Pleidian alien beings, although that is not entirely accurate since a whole other division from the lineage system went into the Pleidians, but the original ancestors are the same. Moving Into your Earth system, they have many requirements for minerals or material which can be found on our earth. We are rich in many of these, especially gold - not for economic purposes but scientific purposes. We have yet to discover there is a strong energy connected to gold that has a lot to do with the idea of longevity and bringing higher energies into the physical plane. It was understood and known to these ancient beings called Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki thus mined your entire solar system for valuable materials, especially the Earth, but in time they came to understand that they did not wish to do this themselves. They came to the point of realizing that they could create, with their genetic science, a group of beings out of the indigenous humanoid apes that existed upon your planet through evolution; they could create a group of beings that would, in that sense, act as workers for them. In thus taking some of their own genetic stock, and materials and in fact creating cross-breeding with the apes, they created what we call our Homosapian, approximately 300,000 years ago, in the area we now call our South East Africa, where most of the gold was being mined, and thus they saw no reason to set up the genetic experiments in any other area.

These beings were created originally to the idea of help mates or workers, although you might find that in your modern understanding these may be slaves, but the idea was not so much one of slavery, but simply of the idea of work mates and help mates for physical labor. Nobody was mistreated, but it was recognized by the Anunnaki, that this still was a situation that was unfair to these beings, now that they thought in that sense and realized themselves as self aware beings, it was not in the eyes of the Anunnaki a fair thing to do.

So they actually continued the genetic experiments to the point where these, beings had full self-realization, and they did inquire after their own independence. This caused many difficulties in the past, but it was recognized by the Anunnaki, that they could do nothing else but allow a type of sovereignty for those beings, having a responsibility now for creating that race of beings, to guide them to true adulthood. While they no longer acted in that sense as masters, they did for quite some time, oversee as guides. Now many of your early, early people did relate to these Anunnaki in the form of gods or kings but this was mostly for the point of guidance, for you were at that time a very young race. Now as soon as that race was created, souls from many of the ancient systems began to incarnate into them and thus a bridge was formed reincarnationally between many of those ancient systems from where the Anunnaki had come to your Earth system.

Over the years it was recognized that one of the things the Anunnaki did not instill into you genetic structure was the extreme Longevity of the Anunnaki. It is true that many of your ancient human beings did exist for several hundred years, and in time some of this has worn down to your present life span, although you are on the upswing once again, but you must realize the Anunnaki were able to live for 1000's and 1000's of years, and thus were looked upon as gods in that sense, as what was assumed to be an immortal race - immortal in that sense of exceptionally long lived. You have that capacity as well however those genetics has not been planted within you, for they didn't at that time wish you to equal their ability. This is what we understand to be our biblical ideas. God made you his image and in this way did not want you to be equivalent to the Gods.

All of this is simply an analogy to the creation of your race genetically in that sense. This is not to say that there is not an infinite creation, but many of your earliest religious text are not referring to the idea of the initial creation of soul but the actual remembrance of the physiological genetic creation of your species by other beings.

It is very important at this point in the narrative to understand that just because there was involvement genetically in the creation of your physiological body, this makes you in no way, shape or form, any less than other beings in creation.

You are equal in every way. It does not matter how your body was created, your soul is the same as all other souls. Always remember that, and never think of yourself as owned by anybody in that sense, or controlled, or less than anyone in that sense, just because your particular physiological history might contain a bit of tampering by some other beings.

You do the same thing as you procreate. It's the same thing as how you create your own babies; it's just a same slightly different methodology. It is not in that sense the methodology by which you arrive at the body that determines your worth, but simply your true inner self.

After a time, there was created on Earth many civilizations as human beings learned from the Anunnaki their technology, then understand the civilizations of Mu and Atlantis, but then reincarnational influxes from the ancient Orion systems of negativity did cause many discrepancies, divergences and dichotomies within the collective consciousness of humanity. Sides were borne. Issues became split, with conflict about positive and negative realities and which was preferred to be created. Because of those issues, because of those wars that were created, many of these civilizations did perish and during that time of the perishing of Atlantis which is the analogy of your original sin – the Anunnaki removed themselves from the Earth and became content to observe you from afar.

As you re-estabilish yourselves after these destructions with your will to be left alone, you see the genetic program was to continue and in this way, so did the Anunnaki continue by utilizing their own genetic materials. They created yet again another race of workers as the Grey beings - they are of your own human stock since you are Anunnaki stock - they are of a similar stock genetically, but they are in that sense matured fetal forms who have not been permitted to go to adulthood.

It was felt that this would be a better way to create the idea of help mates without necessarily creating also at the same time within them the desire to function autonomously from the Anunnaki. So the Greys, while true sentient beings, are almost in a sense type of true biological robot. They do not really understand the concept of feeling, although they do understand the concept of mentality. Now the idea to understand is that the genetic programs of humanity did still continue, but it was the Greys that were acting as helpmates to the Anunnaki, who allowed the genetic program to continue.

So your interaction with these genetic programs at this time is mostly, and has been for many 1000 of years, through the Grey beings; the helpmates of the Anunnaki, except now and then, when many of you will remember in your experiences with what you call these abductions, or what we prefer to call detainments, will remain from time to time, that the Grey beings, while they may be conducting the abductions, are overseen by more humanoid looking beings. These are the Anunnaki, your true forefathers and mothers.

In this way you recognize that the Greys and humanity are cousins of a type and what the Anunnaki are now recognizing in their own evolution, is that they are now helping to guide both humanity and the Greys to a new level of evolution and that both strains will benefit from the interbreeding with each other, for there are problems on both sides that were not completely resolved in the initial genetic program. Thus, by allowing the interbreeding of the Greys and the humans as they exist, strengthening of the entire genetic pool is created, and also within that strengthening, are actual genetic alterations to allow for the type of changes that necessary for you to go into, and for the Greys to go into fourth density reality.

There are things you need to learn from the Greys and visa versa. The idea of individuality and emotionality are things that the Greys do not understand, and you need to understand in their genetic make-up. The idea of working together as a collective is something humans need to understand a little bit more strongly, and that acquiring that to some degree, through their interactions with the Greys and so there is being created now, in the ancient Anunnaki program, a hybrid race.

The Essassani are, a combination of the Greys and the human species on your planet. There are many Planets that exist contemporary to our time frame, where there are these hybrid races not only Essassani. In our contemporary exchange with Earth; in our interactions with you in the future, your planet is also one of the other planets wherein resides beings recognizable by you, as hybrids, recognizable as cousins to us. You are in many ways therefore, our ancestors. You are our mothers and fathers. We are your children. HELLO MOM AND DAD!

By: Bashar From an Australian Magazine Circa 199?

Thanks to Thor Olloff for sharing.


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