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SOLAR CRISIS AND 11:11/12:12

Voyagers II - (133pg)

Wave-of-Flame and Red Pulse

In January of 1972 members of the Sirian Council, Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense, the Pleiadian Star League and several other Guardian groups entered the UHF bands of Earth’s atmosphere, aware of the solar events that were to occur. If they had not intervened, Earth’s populations would have been wiped out by 1974. When the electromagnetic Merkaba Fields of the Sun are artificially manipulated, such as they were by the Zetas following the Philadelphia Experiment, erratic electrical energies build up within the Sun’s energetic grid, throwing all of the Sun’s Merkaba Fields out of balance. As the misalignment of the Sun’s EM elds progresses, it manifests as an acceleration of solar-flare activity, which eventually culminates in surface explosions and temporary expansion of the Sun’s Merkaba Fields, lasting about 950-970 years.

In 1972, the first explosions began to occur. The explosions would have continued until about September of 1973, when the Sun’s D-1 Merkaba Field would have burst open and expanded. The expansion of the Sun’s D-1 Merkaba Field would have sent an intense wave of ULF energy out through all of the planets in the local solar system. This wave of energy would cause a chain reaction within all of the planetary Merkaba Fields, through which pole reversal and vaporization of surface life would result. This wave of expanding D-I energy is called a Red Pulse (red denoting its D-I frequency), and it constitutes a wave of solar flame within the D-1 frequency bands. Life- forms on planets in the First Harmonic Universe cannot survive such an infu- sion of ULF D-1 energy, because it would implode the molecular structure before the genetic code could expand enough to process those frequencies.

In order to avert the pending termination of Earth life, the Guardian races, under the direction of the Sirian Council, altered several layers of the morphogenetic fields of Earth and the local planets. As the Red Pulse Wave of Flame would be coming in on the electrical overtone D-1 frequency bands, all of the D-1 overtones were temporarily removed from the planetary morphogenetic fields. This served to create a D-1 seal around Earth’s core, so the ULF of the Red Pulse could not enter Earth’s grid, or the grids of the neigh- boring planets. Next, a frequency seal was placed within the D-4 frequency bands, in order to block D-4 frequencies from entering into Earth’s morphogenetic field. Once the overtones of D-1 were removed, Earth’s core could not synthesize incoming D-4 frequency, and the core would explode, so D-4 frequencies had to be temporarily blocked from Earth. To create the D-4 seal, the rest 11 (out of 12) base tones and overtones of D-4 were removed from Earth’s morphogenetic eld, which meant that Earth’s lower three Merkaba Fields connected with the D-4 Merkaba Field only at the level of the 12th base tone and 12th overtone. These morphogenetic manipulations created another Frequency Fence, which served as a protective barrier around Earth and the neighboring planets. In energetic terms the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence took the form of a spherical band of energy surrounding Earth, within the D-1 and D-4 frequency bands—a protective “bubble” of multidimensional energy.

Following the implementation of the Guardians’ Frequency Fence, humanity was under three layers of frequency modulation, the original Frequency Fence Quarantine from 9540 BC, the Zeta Seal Frequency Fence from 1748 AD and the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence of 1972. All three of these Frequency Fences would need to be lifted in order for the Blue Flame of Amenti to become embodied on Earth between 2012 and 2017. As Frequency Fences are morphogenetic manipulations, they also manifest within the DNA imprint of the races. The DNA of 8% of the human populations would have to be realigned and purged of the three Frequency Fence Seals and the remaining mutations from the earlier Amenti, Palaidorian, Templar and Templar-Axion Seals by January 1, 2012. Guardian races began conduct- ing mass-level, consensual, soul-agreement abductions of humans since 1972, in order to help humans begin repairing these genetic mutations, and also to begin education on preparation for 2012. Memory repression tactics were used to spare humanity the terror of facing events that it was not yet prepared to understand. The Zetas had been conducting frequent forced abductions since the late l940s as part of their hybridization program. They also used memory repression tactics. Guardians did not participate in these forced abductions, nor did they participate in intrusive experimentation

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