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Freedom Teachings

Date  Location Title
1998 New Jersey Amenti Series-1 Classes
1999 May New York City Intro to Keylontic Science
1999 June New York City Coping Skills for Coming Earth Changes - Only Handbook Available
1999 July New York City Ancient Rites of Passage - Personal Healing Through Planetary Service
1999 Sept New York City The Evolutionary Path of Human Consciousness; Secrets of the Melchizedek's and Guardian races
1999 Oct Edgewater, FL The Light & the Shadow; Illuminati Agendas – Spiritual Solutions
1999 Dec Original Presentation Date Allentown, PA 2000 The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System ™ Level-1 
1999 Dec  New York City Millennium Round-up Expose
2000 Feb  New York City Beyond the Veils
2000 March  Giza, Egypt Awakening the Flame of Orion
2000 April   New York City Architects of Light and Secrets of the Indigo Children
2000 June  Wyoming Angelic Realities
2000 November  Miami, FL Entering the 5th world
2001 January Sarasota, FL Holy Grail Quest
2001 April New York City The Lemurian and Atlantian Legacies
2001 May  Kauai, Hawaii Secrets of Lemuria and the Ancient Eieyani - Planetary…
2001 July  Dublin, Ireland Kathara Level 2 Introduction
2001 July  Dublin, Ireland The Arthurian Roundtables - Nibiruian Checkerboard Mutation
2001 Sept  Sarasota, FL Mechanics of Manifestation
2001 Oct  Allentown, PA One World Order Rising
2001 Nov Sarasota, FL Regents Consulate Meeting #1
2001 Dec New York City Regents Consulate Meeting #2
2002 Feb  Calgary, AB, Canada Advanced Kathara 1 w/ Level 2 Intro
2002 Feb  Calgary, AB, Canada The UIR “Michael-Mary” Turnstile Matrix
2002 March  Sarasota,  FL Dance for Life
2002 May  Greece and Cyprus Dance for Love
2002 June  England Dance for Life and Love Condensed + Secrets of Metatron
2002 July  En Route to SG3 & Bermuda Preparing for Contact, Level 1
2002 August  Phoenix, AZ Condensed DF Life + Love, and Contact Workshops
2002 Sept  Allentown, PA DF Love Condensed + USA Wrap Up
2002 Nov France Dance for Freedom Part I, 12:12:12:12 / 11:11:11:11 Activations1)
2002 Nov  Tewkesbury, UK Dance for Freedom Part II
2003 Feb  Dublin, Ireland Forbidden Testaments of Revelation
2003 May  Paxos, Greece Dance for Joy I (First HeTharO)
2003 August  Andorra and Barcelona, Spain Dance For Joy Part 2 (First HeThalOn)
2003 Sept Seattle, WA The Science and Spirituality of Creation
2003 Oct Phoenix, AZ Cosmic Clock Reset
2003 Nov  Dublin, Ireland Secrets of the Yugas, the Celestial Arcs and Angles
2004 April  Phoenix, AZ Kathara 2-3 Foundations “Awakening the Living Lotus”
2004 August  Mexico & Belize Revelations of Ra“ - Pillar of Power and Nadradon Awakening
2004 Sept  UK Michael-Mary Line Rolling Workshop - Zendradon Awakening
2005 Jan  India:  Indigo India Kethradon Awakening, Starburst 13 & the Gifts of Rama
2005 March  Phoenix, AZ Introduction to Elements of Kathara Level-4: Installment 1
2005 May Morocco The Ethradon Awakening & The Ashalum Chamber, Etheric…
9/30/2005 Phoenix, AZ Whispers of the Rasha ReishA, Revelations of the Unspoken Ones
2/2/2006 London Festival of Light Celebration” - “The Starfire Cycle and Rebirth…
2/17/2006 Tenerife, Canaries Treasures of the Tower & the Secret Garden - Jewels…
4/14/2006 Phoenix, AZ Two Moons Rising
5/26/2006 Mt. Shasta, CA Elemental Commands, Cellular Secrets…Aurora Potential
7/7/2006 Denver, CO Sacred Sexuality & the Art of Divine Relationship, Spirit, 
Biology & the Elemental Force - Part 1 of 3
8/11/2006 Phoenix, AZ Sacred Sexuality & The Art Of Divine Relationship Elemental Healing, Gender Benders, Shock-Ras & RashaLAe Reunion - Part 2 of 3
10/27/2006 Virginia Beach, VA Sacred Sexuality & The Art Of Divine Relationship Divine 
Coupling-Intimations, Explorations & Cosmic Connection -3 of 3
12/2/2007 Phoenix, AZ “ Transcending the Towers of Threshold; the Crystal River Union, and the Arc of Aquari.
4/6/2007 Phoenix, AZ The Krystar Awakening and Starfire Maps and Solar Gates, Prana Seed and the Aqualene Sun
5/23/2007 Peru “The Krystal River Dance & the 1st Dance of the Cycle of 
‘Last Stands’; Machu Picchu-Caral & The Sacred Valley.
8/10/2007 Phoenix, AZ Revelations Of The 'DhaLA-LUma', Transfiguration of the Kryst & the 'KaLE-Hara' Celebration.
9/21/2007 Virginia Beach, VA ‘The Greatest Love Story’ – Resurrection of the Kryst, Dawn of the Aqualene Sun, and Living the Legacy of Love.
11/2/2007 Netherlands Legacy of the Lost, Freedoms of the Found, the Milky Way Mysteries, Halls of Records and the “Jesus Codes”.
12/2/2008 Phoenix, AZ Engaging the Load-Out; the Last Ascension Cycle and the Gate of AshaLA
5/23/2008 Phoenix, AZ Winds of Change, Tides of Transformation, Visions of Joy for a Transitioning World - Hetharo
8/8/2008 Phoenix, AZ Sliders-1: “Emerging from Darkness”- Preparing the MIND for Slide
9/19/2008 Virginia Beach, VA Slider-2: Reclaiming the Vessel – Preparing the Body for Slide
11/12/2008 St. Kitts Sliders-3 “The Wind Beneath Your Wings” - Engaging the SPIRIT for Slide
1/1/2009 Phoenix, AZ FOL-2009 / Brave New World & the Floating Buddhas
4/10/2009 Sarasota, FL Doorways Through Time & the Drums of Aquafereion “Circle of Life” Drum Circle Celebration
5/22/2009 Phoenix, AZ “Sliders-4” The Call of Aurora - Probability Alignments & the Adjugate Bond (Intermediate Atmic/Ah-VE’-yas Body Training & Freeing the Mind for Slide)
8/14/2009 Phoenix, AZ Sliders-5: Essential Alignment, Stardust Flow, Mirror in the Sky & the Orbs of Aquareion: “Freeing the Body for Slide” — Intermediate Telluric/ Ah-VA’-yas Body Training
10/11/2009 Dublin, Ireland Sliders-6 - The Arc of the Covenant, Sphere of Destiny & the Stairway to Heaven Engaging the Spirit for Slide — Intermediate Level
1/1/2010 Sarasota, FL AmorAea Krystal Temples, the Monadic Passage, and Galactic Spiral Alignments: Aquafereion Shield Stardust Blue Transharmonic AmorAea Merkaba Activation-1
1/2/2010 Sarasota, FL The Makers of Wings and Other Things: The Orbs of Ah-SA-yas, Planes of Aurora, Ancient Arrows, Planetary Mirror Ball and the Hidden Cities of Earth.
5/22/2010 Sarasota, FL “The Lands of Wha: Mirror Mapping, the 3 Paths of the Kryst and the Wha-YÃ'-yas Masha-yah-hana Adashi Adepts”.
8/13/2010 Phoenix, AZ Sliders 8 -Preparing the Body for Slide — Advanced Level. Awake, Aware, and ALIVE in the Lands of Aah: The “Sea of Ah’-yah,” Eternal Stream of Ah-yah-YA’, the Covenant of Ah-yah-RhU’, and Eternal Dream-Fields of the ONE.
10/16/2010 Mayan Cruise Sliders - 9 “Advanced Spiritual Body Training - The Flame of CosMAyah, Mayan Mother Matrix & Luminary Body Activation”. Recorded live in two different workshops: Mayan Cruise – October 2010 & FOL – January 2011
12/31/2010 Sarasota, FL
4/1/2011 Sarasota, FL The ShA-Dhal-uun Rite, 12 Virtues and the Shores of Ah-MA-ya-san: Planetary “Mirror In The Sky” Activation - 1
5/27/2011 Sarasota, FL Sliders 10 - “Return of the Sacred Butterfly - “Te”, “Chi” & the “DhA-Ya-Tei” Ultimate Desire, “DhA-Ya-fication” of the Vessel, Eternal Identity & the Adept Mind.
8/12/2011 Sarasota, FL Sliders-11: Time Tan - tri - Ā - jha Doorways and the Silver Seed Temple Pods of Creation, Sa - MA - ya Water Command and Mirror in the Sky Activation Level-3 (Physical Body Adept Training).
12/30/2011 Sarasota, FL Sliders-12: Externalization of the Kryst; Secrets of the Tan'-Tri-A'jha. PART-1: The 7 Suns of Cos-MA'-yah, Keys of Aden, Budding of the Lotus Seed and Plasma Body Initiation.
4/6/2012 Sarasota, FL Sliders-12: Externalization of the Kryst; Secrets of the Tan-Tri-A'jha' PART-2: Dueling Plasmas, The 15th Bridge, Myotic Awakening, the “7-Stands of the Kryst-Host Fail-Safe and “Fail-Safe Stand #2.

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1) DVD5 2:12 Thun-Immanu code for liquid healing
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