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Difference between Tru’/ah and plasma body and water body

The KDDL-2 Handbook and DVD is the primer reference for me on Plasma Body. That information is being expanded.

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a lot of words! E'Asha's color poster and key of the different levels of the Plasma Body hangs in my space to communicate much. (I am unable to get the product link to post properly here after numerous tries.)

For starters, it might be enough to understand that Plasma-based frequency is the basis of matter for Creation in the Internal Fields. Keylontic-based frequency is the basis of matter for Creation in the External Fields. Plasma Body is a wave field that carries our Eternal Authentik Identity encryption. Plasma Body serves as a link between Internal and External fields. When the Return Home (to Eternal-Internal and EFFI) is set in motion, it requires a vehicle of consciousness that can make passage. This body is called a TrhU’ah Body. When we journey to Median Earth and other Guardian-supported places to pick up the Eternal-based Plasma frequencies specific to a designated future, we are progressively activating the part of the Plasma Body we call the TrhU-ah Body, which is a merger of Internal and External frequencies. We are currently working to progressively blend our Density 1 External Matter Bodies with the Internal Plasmas through the Krystal River FAIL SAFE Host, stewarded by the Councils who orchestrate the process. When we do the free techniques on (or through the webinars and on-line products provided), we are calling on the Plasma Body of the KRFSH to support us to activate our personal TrhU’ah Body, which prepares us for the KDDL courses.

We work with Water in its varied expressions, as one of five Elements that gets expressed from the Internal Plasma-based Fields into the External Fields. When we journey in our Now to Median Earth in KDDL-3 to the Clearing Rooms in the Center for Restoration that exist there in what we perceive from here as our future, we are clearing distortions in portions of our Plasma Body Anatomy, thereby upshifting our External matter when we return. We become a Water Body, in Clearing Room 3 of the technique, embodying the Eternal components of its Elemental Command. Numerous techniques have been provided along the way to entrain our Water Body to its Organic Eternal-based Command Level. Our Central Vertical Column is also aligned with the Host through the aqua tether which is referred to as the E’Lai’sian Living Waters Field.

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