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Here we have 208,216 BC-an attempted SAC, there was a Drac invasion and if you've got Drac invasion, you wanna bet there are Wesedraks on their tale and Bourghas right on theirs. It didn't mention that in the V-books, but I bet that if we looked fully into that history, you would find that the Drac team was being backed by the Wesedraks and by the Bourgha behind them. The Bourgha also got involved somewhere with the Andromie-Necromiton races and … they play with everything from the Archangel Michael matrix to the Necromancy. So, they show up in a lot of interesting places. But this was when-208,216 BC-the Fall of Brenuai. Brenuai was a place … it was our Grual, our “Holy Grail” Grual in Florida … in the Sarasota, Florida area on the planetary level of Earth, but it was also, when we go to our Ecka level, it was Ecka-1. It was Ecka USG-1 and part of it was literally blown off and it became, during this period up there at the Ecka, it became what is called Telos. And that is noLa lot of New Age people get taken on journeys to Telos. You don't really want to go to Telos because Telos has been under control. ..well, they've been fighting over it-the Bourgha groups and the Budhara groups have, for a long time, been fighting over it. The Budhara trying to stop the Bourgha from using it, because if they could stop the Telos link…the link came from the Bourgha Matrix, the other arm that didn't go through the Wesedrak Matrix, came directly through a piercing of our Ecka that went directly to Belletrix and then directly into Telos and from Telos down into Earth in the Shasta area. So, Telos was a hotspot for fighting between the Budhara and Bourgha as well. So, anyway, that's where that happened.

2007 - 12 Tribes Volume 1 Manual

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