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50,000 BC 
 9,558 BC

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25,500 BC - Lucifer Rebellion

Nibiruian Marduke-Anunnaki1) race line seize control of Nibiru and D-4 Solar Star Gate-4, begin Anunnaki Race Unity dominion campaign and plant Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid Plan­etary Templar Control Network in at Stonehenge, England (before “Standing Stones”). Anunnaki races infiltrate Bruah, Nohasa and Lohas Atlantis.


22,326 BC - Eieyani Massacre

United Pleiadian-Nibiruian Luciferian Anun­naki and Marduke-Anunnaki decimate Eieyani Maji Races at Kauai, Hawaii location and seize major territories of Bruah and Nohasa Atlan­tis, sending Atlantian Semoli-Bruah and Druidec-Nohasa Maji Grail King races into exile to Lohas, Atlantis and Ionia (Italy, Greece)

21,900 BC - Lohas-Celtec-Druidec Freeze Out

Pleiadian-Nibiruian Luciferi­an Anunnaki and Galactic Federation intentionally collapse Firmament Hydro-suspension Field over Lohas, Atlantis to force Maji Grail King lines away from Lohas Star Gate-11; culminates in 21,900 BC ~ 14,000 BC Glacial Period.

20,000 BC - Vicherus-Sacheon Invasion

Alpha-Centauri Marduke-Necro­miton-Anunnaki and their Vicherus Annu-Melchizedek race and Pleia­dian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki and their Sacheon Annu-Melchizedek race invade Angelic Human Tribe-6 and exiled Celtec-Lohas and Druidec-Nohasa Atlantian Maji Grail King lines in Cau­casus Mountains, Russia, in attempt to destroy Grail Lines. Begin inten­tional concealment of Celtec and Druidec Atlantian Maji Grail King and Angelic Human Tribe-6 racial identity. The Vicherus races became known as the “Vikings,” the Sacheons as the “Saxons,” both groups of­ten “painting themselves blue” in honor of the Luciferian Alpha-Omega Centauri Centaur race. In order to hide knowledge of the Atlantian Maji King Grail Lines, the “blue raiders” were later falsely identified in historical record as the “Celtics” of Ireland, the Druidecs as the “Druids.”

10,500 BC - Luciferian Conquest

Atlantian Islands of Bruah and Nohasa fall to Pleiadian-Nibiruian Luciferian and Sirius-A Jehovian Anunnaki and Annu-Melchizedek control; the Atlantian Conspiracy develops high lev­el organization.

9,560 BC - Luciferian Covenant

Pleiadian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian­ Anunnaki (“Blonds”), Sirius-B Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omi­cron “Dragon-Moth”), Enlil-Odedicron (Anunnaki + Reptile-Avian), Thoth-Enki-Zephelium (Anunnaki + Zeta) and Marduke-Necromiton­ Luciferian (Anunnaki + Alpha-Omega Centauri Blue Centaurs), Galactic Federation and Nohasa Atlantis Jehovian-Urantia and their respective Annu-Melchizedek races enter full alliance under the One World Order Anti-Christos Agenda formally mandated through the Luciferian Covenant. Omicron-Drakonian and Odedicron-Reptilian races of Orion form second competing Orion-Drakonian One World Order Agenda. Main Sirius-A Jehovian-Anunnaki (“Bipedal Dolphin People”) race from third competing Jehovian One World Order Agenda.

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1) Anunnaki + Omicron Drakonian
50,000 BC 
 9,558 BC
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