Connecting The Dots

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서문: Connecting The Dots

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25,500 BC 
 3,470 BC


9,558 BC - Atlantian Flood

Luciferian-Anunnaki and portions of Galactic Federation orchestrate Atlantian Flood in an attempt to take over Giza, Egypt Great Pyramid Teleport Station and its true Arc of the Covenant Andromeda Portal Passage. Thoth-Enki Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati Humans that took over Bruah Atlantis follow initiatives of the Samjase­ Luciferian-Anunnaki “Larsa kings” that took over Lohas Atlantis, sending EM Pulse from Bruah Generator Crystals to Giza, causing major flooding via final collapse of Firmament Hydro-suspension Field over No­hasa and Bruah Atlantis. Only portions of the Atlantian Islands sink; major parts of Bruah, Nohasa and Lohas Atlantis still remain above water. In 9,540 BC the Sirius B Maharaji Blue Human Emerald Covenant Races give Rod and Staff Star Gate Tools in “Arc of the Covenant Gold Box” to Maji Grail King lines of Earth to keep open contact with Inner Earth races via Earth's portal system. Luciferian, Jehovian and Drakonian quest for possession of the Arc Tools begins, as does intentional falsification and eradication of Angelic Human historical record to conceal the knowledge and location of Lohas Star Gate-11, the lands of which sur­vived the Atlantian Flood.

8,900 BC - Sumerian Invasion

Luciferian and Jehovian Anunnaki and Drakonian Races and their Annu-Melchizedek legions all raid Angelic Human Tribe-10 resettlements of Sumerian UR and surrounding terri­tories (Iraq-Iran) in quest for Star Gate-10 control and Arc of the Cove­nant Gold Box Tools. Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki lines as “Sumerian Larsa Kings.” Jehovian Anunnaki lines as “Hassa kings and Midianite­ Hyksos Kings,” Marduke-Anunnaki and Drakonians as Babylonian and Akkadian Dragon kings, Thoth-Enki-Anunnaki as “Snake Brother­hood Kings.” Evidence found in Sumerian “Larsa Kings List” tablets.

8,400 BC - Egyptian Invasion

Thoth-Enki-Zephelium-Anunnaki and their Bruah-Atlantis Annu-Melchizedeks raid Egypt from Sumeria, over­ throwing Serres-Egyptian Pre-dynastic Grail king lines as the Osirius King line. Enlil-Odedicron-Anunnaki combine, creating the Osirius­ Isis-Horus King Line, Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki Sumerian Larsa Kings combine creating the Egyptian “Scarab king” line that dominated Dynastic Egyptian History in competition with the Marduke-Anunnaki Drakonian Agenda “Set Kings” line. With Galactic Federation assis­tance, Jehovian-Anunnaki Annu-Melchizedek Midianite-Hyksos King lines later invade in 1670 BC, leading to the “Exodus” in 1476 BC under Tuthmosis III.

7,500 BC - Knights Templar Invasion

Luciferian Covenant Anunnaki races raid Celtec and Druidec Maji Grail King races that returned to Lohas Atlantis territories in 13,000 BC from exile in the Caucasus Mountains, Rus­sia. Forced interbreeding between Nibiruian Thoth-Enki, Pleiadian­ Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian and Alpha-Omega Centauri Marduke Necromiton-Luciferian Anunnaki Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati Human lines and Maji Grail King lines from Illuminati race DNA Template upgrade. Creates Luciferian “Super-race” Knights Templar-Sumerian Larsa King + Egyptian Osirius-Isis-Horus Scarab King + Egyptian-Midianite-Hyksos King + Indian Centaur King Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki plus Celtec­ Druidec Atlantian Grail King (forced interbreeding). Ancestors of contemporary Freemasons.

5,900 BC - Centaurian War

Luciferian Anunnaki Races steal Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and Star Gate tools, attempt to cause pole shift from Ni­biruian-Diodic-Crystal Grid at Stonehenge, England, to claim Earth's territories. Omicron-Drakonian, Alpha-Centauri Luciferian Centaurs, Marduke-Anunnaki and Jehovian Anunnaki races begin counter attacks in England, India, Egypt, Tibet, Ionia and North America. Sirius B Maharaji Blue Human Emerald Covenant Races intervene with air raids to stop Lu­ciferians' use of the Arc Tools for pole shift. Maji Grail Kings retrieve Arc Box. Partly recorded in Sanskrit Mahabharata Texts.


3,650 BC - Mayan Raids

Luciferian Anunnaki raid Mayan Angelic Human 12-Tribes in Yucatan and progressively infiltrate selected 12-Tribes settle­ments throughout South, North and Central America.

출처: Ashayana Deane - Voyagers II

25,500 BC 
 3,470 BC
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