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The Real Christmas Story

이 이야기는 2001년도에 CDTP의 기록으로 부터 복기한 아샤야나에 의해 전해졌다.

참고1: Jesheua-12
참고2: emerald24
참고3: A True Account Of The Birth Of 'Jesus Christ'

Introduction to the Real Christmas Story

Az and I would like pass on to you a special “Christmas gift” that the Eieyani have given us to share with you in commemoration of this holiday season that has come to mean so much within many global cultures. This gift belongs to all Human, Indigo and Hybrid races, be they of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Tribal or other faiths, as it is a gift of remembering a part of our shared heritage from which many of our most sacred celebrations have emerged.

The gift of which we speak is called “The REAL Christmas Story”, a dispensation of historical fact surrounding the birth of Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek (“Jesus” or “Jesheua-12”) and the “Mass of the Christos” directly translated from the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates holographic disc historical records. When the Eieyani recently presented us with the gift of this “Real Christmas Story” knowledge, offered as their “Christmas present” to us, Az and I were deeply moved by this revelation. Not only did the Real Christmas Story clarify much of the sequencing of remembered events pertaining to Az and my personal incarnational involvement with this period, but it also brought into the light the real importance and sacred significance behind the “Celebration of Christmas” as it is presently practiced. Within this true historical record we rediscover the original “Holy Days” and why these days were, and still are, celebrated as tributes to the sacred by Inner Earth Eieyani, Sirius B Maharaji, Azurites and Emerald Covenant races everywhere. Az and I have found that a deep soul healing has begun for us in revelation of the Real Christmas Story, and we hope that in sharing this factual historical record that you too may begin to experience the soul healing of which we speak.

Throughout 2001 Emerald Covenant students have faced the difficult facts pertaining to the historical distortion and desecration of once sacred Emerald Covenant teachings. With revelation of the historical facts pertaining to the Council of Nicea's intentional editing and manipulation of Biblical texts into a disinformation political control dogma, many of us have felt saddened and disillusioned. The “holiness' of present translations of Biblical texts have come wholly into question in the face of CDT-Plate historical record revelation. Without knowing what portions of Biblical texts were originally true, and which portions had been adulterated, the once innocent trust placed in the Bible by those of Christian faith can become rapidly reduced to a saddened disillusionment with Biblical accuracy. This disillusionment often leads to a deep soul-pain and sometimes anger, which emerges from acknowledging the spiritual betrayal and violation of the sacred that has historically taken place.

For many of us who customarily have enjoyed the Christmas season for its spiritual significance, facing the “Deceit of Nicaea” might appear to “take the magic out of Christmas”. Unless we understand what parts of the Biblical “Baby Jesus” story are true, the “Christ Mass” celebration, which we once might have considered holy, is potentially reduced to nothing more than another example of Fallen Angelic manipulative fabrication. The Eieyani's gift of the Real Christmas Story CDT-Plate record translation was given to us at this time to “set the record straight”. In this revelation we can rediscover the true sacred meaning, and the accurate dates of “Holy Days”, associated with the “Baby Jesus” story. Through clarification of the historical record pertaining to these times, we rediscover that Christmas is indeed a sacred and magical season. Through revelation of the historical truth of these ancient times, the real “spirit, meaning and magic of Christmas” is once again restored. The legacy of Christmas, the Winter Solstice and the celebration of the “New Year” are revitalized through restoration of historical fact, to reemerge as the source of deep spiritual inspiration for which this season has long stood, despite attempts of adulteration.

In presenting their gift of the REAL Christmas Story as a “Christmas present” to all of us, the Eieyani hope to inspire within each of us a renewed sense of joyous spiritual Celebration of the Christos to carry us through this season with Blessings of Love, Peace, Prosperity and Joy. In return of the truth of our collective Christmas heritage we have the opportunity to rediscover a renewed sense of Trust and Innocence in the sanctity of our spiritual traditions.

Review of the Real Christmas Story also provides us with an interesting demonstration of how Fallen Angelic and llluminati races have drawn certain elements of genuine historical and spiritual fact, then twisted, edited and contrived these selected facts into half-truths used to propagate and sustain religious political control dramas. Such revelation allows us to more easily “separate the shaft from the grain” or make conscious discernment between truth and maliciously intended fiction. In review of the Real Christmas Story we also come to understand the real “Holy Days” related to the Christmas period, as traditionally celebrated by Emerald Covenant MC races.

In honor of the Emerald Covenant and the Christiac principles for which it stands, these days of Yule Tide celebration, and their associated traditional spiritual practices long upheld by the Eieyani Priests of Ur of Inner Earth, will be those officially recognized and sanctified as days of spiritual significance celebrated by the Azurite MCEO. “Christmas” is not only a celebration symbolizing the “Birth of Jesus”, it is the celebration of Eternal Life and the promise of the Christos Awakening. The REAL “Christmas” is also a celebration commemorating a series of actual historical events and the peoples whom lived them, through which the heritage of the Christos Awakening remained, sustained and carried forward in time to bless us with its promise today. Return of the CDT-Plate historical record pertaining to the birth of Jesus is just one small aspect of the Eieyani's ongoing effort to “set the record straight” on Earth; much more is soon to be revealed in the upcoming 2003/4 book “Forbidden Testaments of Revelation”.

The Eieyani's efforts in this regard are offered in fulfillment of their promise, made long ago, to return the heritage of truth and freedom to the guardian races of our planet. Az and I hope that you will find the Eieyani's gift of the Real Christmas Story as healing and inspirational as we have, and that you will share with us, and the Eieyani, the spiritual celebrations of the “Holy Days of Yuletide”. Through these sacred celebrations as we send the living spirit of the Yuletide and the real magic (Christos frequency and consciousness) of Christmas (celebration of the Christos Mass or collective D-12 Universal Christos Divine Blueprint) to our beloved Mother Earth and her many beloved children.

Happy Christos Mass and a Blessed New Year to all.

with Love, Light and Spirit's Blessings - Azurtanya and Ashayana Deane, Ekrs MCEO.

As translated from Plate-6 of the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate Recorder Discs

on December 15, 2001 by Emerald Covenant Speaker-1 Ashayana Deane EkrMC

Birth of an Avatar

Long ago, on November 22, 12BC, a child was born of natural conception to Melchizedek Cloister Essenes Jeudi and Joehius, in the private dwelling of Ben-Yumen (later mistranslated as “Benjamin ”) on the outskirts of the city of Bethlehem, in the land known as Israel.

The infant's father Joehius was a Hibiru Cloister Essene Melchizedek RaB'nai (second level Melchizedek Cloister Ordinate priest) descendant from the House of King Solomon, son of King David. (Solomon was the son of father King David of the Hyksos Leviathan Moses-Abraham-Noah Knights Templar Illuminati line and mother Bathsheba, a Serres-Egyptian Essene of the Melchizedek Cloister Indigo Maji Grail Line. The Indigo Grail line was carried into the Hyksos Illuminati line through conception of Solomon, for the purpose of attempted Emerald Covenant “Redemption Contract” Bi-Regenesis of the fallen hybrid Hyksos lineage. This race Redemption contract later failed in 27AD when the Hyksos, and their Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki sponsors, fully withdrew from the Emerald Covenant to re-enter the Atlantian Luciferian Covenant. Both Indigo and Hyksos lines directly descended from Atlantis). Jeudi, the infant's mother, was a Hebrew Essene Melchizedek Cloister Regent (third level Melchizedek Cloister Ordinate priest) descendant from the House of Constantine. (Jeudi's father Raviticus was of Roman Constantinus Ionatu-Etillah Human Tribe-5 descent, mother, Hebranon, was of Hebrew Essene Melchizedek Cloister Indigo Grail Line descent. Most of this lineage fell to Omicron-Drakonian control following 27AD Essene Divide.).

The House of Joehius was located in the city, in Bethlehem Commons. Just after conception, when the couple was showed in a vision that Jeudi was “with Avatar child”, Joehius took Jeudi into hiding in Jerusalem, where she remained with Essene Melchizedek Cloister relatives until just prior to the infant's birth. Jeudi was exiled to Jerusalem during her “time of waiting”, to prevent the Sadducees and Pharisees Illuminati overseeing Bethlehem from discovering the prophesized avatar birth. (The Sadducees were Necromiton-Andromie sponsored Taozen King Leviathan Illuminati line that raided Hebrew Tribe-2 Indigo Grail Line. The Pharisees were an Omicron-Drakonian sponsored Dragon King Leviathan Illuminati line that raided Hibiru Cloister Tribe-2 lines).

Jeudi returned to the House of Ben-Yumen on the outskirts of Bethlehem on November 16th, 12BC, riding by night upon a donkey provided by her 11-year-old escort Immanuel, son of Ben-Yumen. Jeudi remained in hiding in the House of Ben-Yumen until the birth of the Avatar child. The avatar child was born on November 22, 12BC at 12:14AM, attended by Saradi, half-sister of Jeudi and wife of Ben-Yumen, Merigedra, daughter of Saradi and Ben-Yumen, Immanuel, brother of Merigedra and the Melchizedek Cloister High Priest that became known as “John the Baptist”.

The Eckatic Trinity, the Christos Seeding Mission and the 12:12

Prior to physical birth, the Indigo Child Type-1 Avatar Essene Infant and his Essene Avatar Twin Marahari (later changed to “Mary”) were, like John the Baptist and his Avatar Twin Merigedra, and Indian-Essene Immanuel and his Avatar Twin Ashridari, before them, Melchizedek Cloister Eckars (48-Strand DNA Template, level-6 Melchizedek Cloister Ordinate “Ascended Masters”). Like all Maji Indigo Grail Line incarnates before and after them, all were born as members of Melchizedek Cloister Eckatic Twin Consummate Pairs through the Sirius B Maharaji Council of Azurline Halls of Amoraea Passage.

One DNA- activated Eckatic Twin Consummate Pair represents one fully incarnate Eckari. The birth of Jeudi's avatar child on November 22, 12BC, and earlier his female avatar Eckatic Twin Marahari on June 21, 13BC, both earlier prophesized by John the Baptist, represented the earthly incarnation of the Third Eckari in the Emerald Order Ascended Master Trinity. The 3 Eckaries (3 Eckatic Twin Pairs) incarnated together at this time, as they had done before since failure of the 22,326BC Stellar Activations Cycle, to complete a portion of the Emerald Covenant Founders' Planetary Christos Realignment Mission, in preparation for the scheduled SAC of 2000-2017AD. *

Each of the 6 Eckars carried the A-Reah-Azurta Tribe-12 DNA Template coding from their previous Tribe-12 incarnations in Atlantis and Lemuria. The first Eckari Twin Pair, John the Baptist and Merigedra collectively carried the mathematical programs of the Tri-Veca, Khu-Veca, Dha-Veca and Rha-Veca High Veca Codes in their Eckatic Twin DNA Templates. (John the Baptist, known as Ioannes-“Yon-E's”, the Greek form of “John”, was born in Rome on December 21, 46BC to Greek-Roman father Paegentheuis descendant from the Roman House of Romulus Tribe-5 Indigo Grail Line and mother Myrium of the Hebrew Essene Melchizedek Cloister Tribe-2 Indigo Grail line exiled on Paxois Island Greece. Merigedra, daughter of Jeudi's paternal half-sister Saradi, was born in Jerusalem on September 1, 34BC to Melchizedek Cloister Essene-Serres Egyptian Tribe-4 Indigo Grail line father Ben-Yumen, and Indian-Essene-Roman mother Saradi of father Raviticus of Roman Constantinus Ionatu-Etillah Tribe-5 Indigo Grail Line descent and mother Impaetal of Rama-vita Tribe-6 Indigo Grail Line India).

The Second Eckari Twin Pair, Immanuel and Ashridari collectively carried the Eckasha Crown Veca Code in their Eckatic Twin DNA Templates. (Immanuel was born in Bethlehem on January 1, 23BC as Merigedra's younger brother to Ben-Yumen and Saradi; Ashridari was born in the Thar Desert region of India on February 2nd, 14BC to father Vhedjuiga-Ramyana and mother Dariedrj-Ramakjunanda of the Indian Ram-vita Tribe-6 Indigo Grail Line).

The infant avatar born to Jeudi and Joehius on November 22, 12BC, and his Eckari Twin Marahari each carried the D-12 Pre-matter Christos Bi-Veca Code in their Eckatic Twin DNA Templates. (Marahari was born in Magdala Palestine on June 21,13 BC to father Muhamon of the Hibiru Cloister Tribe-10 Indigo Grail Line and Greek-Hebrew-Essene Melchizedek Cloister mother Rhonetherimas of the Tribe-2 Indigo Grail Line.)

The 3 Eckari (3 males and 3 females, forming 3 Eckatic Twin Pairs) incarnated together as an Eckatic Trinity, under the Elohei-Elohim Christos Founders Emerald Covenant Commission. Their shared purpose was to re-implant or re-seed the Veca Code mathematical programs into Earth's Planetary Shields in preparation for the 2000AD-2017AD activation of the “Four Faces of Man” LP IN system from 22,326BC (re: Voyagers Volume-2 Second Edition). The 3 Eckari were the primary frequency carriers of the 144,000 incarnate Grail Line Indigos who were collectively serving as appointed EOMC guardians of Earth's Templar during the Christ Period. Since the Eieyani Massacre of the failed 22,326BC SAC, these 3 Eckaries, whom had headed the failed Christos Realignment Mission of 22,326BC, had agreed to repeatedly incarnate thereafter until the intended December 21, 2012AD completion of the Christos Realignment Mission. Through their repeated incarnations as a set of 3 Eckatic Twin Pairs, the High Veca Code Trion/Meajhe Field programs would be progressively re-entered into Earth's grids through dispensation of the High Veca Codes via the Eckars DNA Templates during their numerous lifetimes.

The Eckari serve to anchor the High Veca frequencies into Earth's Templar and transmit them into the DNA Templates of the 144,000 Team Indigo incarnates. Team Indigo incarnates then “downstep” the High Veca frequencies and transmit them into the DNA Templates (Tribal Shield Level) of the Angelic Human 12-Tribe Races.

Through repeated incarnations of the Eckaries and their Indigo Grail Line Team, the High Veca Code programs corresponding to the Planetary Templar of Earth, Inner Earth and Parallel Earth would reach critical mass imprinting in Earth's Templar and the Human Race morphogenetic field. Once the High Veca Code programs were re-seeded into Earth's Templar, the LPIN and APIN systems of the Eieyani, Elohei-Elohim, Seraphei-Seraphim and Bra-ha-Rama Christos Founders races could be activated during the next SAC. Activation of the Eieyani's "Four Faces of Man " LPIN and the Elohei's Great White Lion, the Seraphei's Golden Eagle and the Bra-ha-Rama's Blue Oxen APIN systems during the next SAC would allow for the 2000AD-2017AD Christos Awakening on Earth and Earth's final fulfillment of the Planetary Christos Realignment Mission, Planetary Maharic Seal and Planetary Mahunta Merkaba.

The female Eckars carried the Base-magnetic and the male Eckars the Base-Electrical portions of the Tri, Khu, Dha, Rha and Eckasha High Veca Codes to which they were commissioned. The full D-12 Bi-Veca Code was carried by both male and female Eckars assigned to its commission. The High Veca Code programs would enter Earth's Planetary Shields from the DNA Templates of the Eckars when each Eckar received their equivalent level of Melchizedek Cloister Ordination and resultant corresponding DNA Template activation from the Inner Earth Eieynai Priests of Ur.

The Twin Pair carrying the Eckasha Crown Veca required full Level-6 MC Eckar Ordination and temporary activation of the 48-Strands of their DNA Templates, in order to transmit the Eckasha Code (Planetary “God Seed”) into Earth's Templar. The Twin Pair carrying the Primal Light and Sound Field Trion/Meajhe High Vecas, the Tri, Rha, Dha and Khu Veca Codes, also required Level-6 Eckar Ordination and temporary activation of their 48-Strand DNA Templates. The Twin Pair carrying the D-12 Pre-matter Christos Divine Blueprint Bi-Veca Code, required Level-3 Regent Ordination only, through which only 12 of their 48-Strand DNA Templates would be brought into activation to release the D-12 Bi-Veca Code program. The Bi-Veca Code is the High Veca Code through which the D-12 Maharata Christos Liquid Light Primal Life Force Current can run into Earth's Templar as the carrier wave for the higher frequency Primal Light and Sound Currents associated with the High Veca Codes above it.

Though the Third Eckar Pair would only activate their DNA Templates to the 12-Strand level to become MC Regents, their mission was equally as essential as, and their Ascended Masters status equal to, the First and Second Eckar Twin pairs with 48-Strand DNA Template activation. The 3 Eckatic Twin Pairs functioned as an interdependent team.

Since D-12 frequency could not run through Earth's Planetary Shields since the Fall of Brenaui in 208,216BC, the Eckar Twin Pairs could not receive their required level of DNA Template activation and MC Ordination on surface Earth, as D-12 frequency was necessary to initiate these DNA Template activations. Therefore, a different times, each of the 6 Eckar avatars comprising the 3 Eckari Eckatic Twin Pairs were to be individually brought to the Arc of the Covenant Andromeda portal passage, which anchored into Earth's Templar at Planetary Star Gate-4 Giza, Egypt, to receive their DNA Template activations. While positioned within the Arc of the Covenant passage, D-12 frequency could be drawn from the D-12 Amoraea Passage to activate the DNA Template. From the Arc of the Covenant passage the dormant High Veca Code programs held by the avatars could be transmitted into Earth's Templar. The High Veca Code programs would be projected into Earth's Planetary Shields from the Arc of the Covenant at Giza to Star Gate-12 and Cue Site-12 (France and Lemuria-Kauai Hawaii) in Earth's Templar.

At the 12:12 Sites, the High Veca Codes would be held dormant until they could activate on a D-12 12-Code Pulse as the 2000AD-2017AD SAC commenced, at which time they would be directed throughout Earth's Templar via Sacred RRT Mechanics, to activate the “Four Faces of Man” LPIN and Founders APIN systems.

The “Christ Period” drama is known as the “Christos Seeding Mission” by Emerald Covenant races. The Founders intended fulfillment of two objectives during this period of Earth time. The first objective was to re-seed the High Veca mathematical programs into Earth's Templar through the commissioned births and temporary DNA Template activation of the 6 Eckars; this objective was fulfilled during the 46BC-37AD Christ Period.

The Christ Period Stalemate and the 11:11

The Founders second intended objective in the Christ Period Drama was to release the Nibiruian Anunnaki's forced hold over Earth, by disengaging the connection between the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid at Stonehenge, England and the Nibiruian Battle Star Wormwood. Since 22,326BC, Anunnaki races had been using the NDC-Grid ”Checkerboard Matrix“ to erode the original High Veca Code programs in Earth's Planetary Shields, which would prevent activation of the Emerald Covenant LPIN/APIN systems needed for fulfillment of the Christos Realignment Mission.

In the “Christ Period”, the High Veca Codes were to be re-seeded in Earth's grids and the NDC-Grid program manually disengaged to prepare Earth for the coming 2000AD-2017AD SAC and Christos Realignment. Control of Nibiru fell into the hands of the Marduke-Dramin and Necromiton-Andromie Nephilim Drakonian Agenda Anunnaki Legions in 48BC. The deposed and repressed Nibiruian and Pleiadian Luciferian Anunnaki races of Galactic Federation reluctantly agreed to suspend their intended Luciferian Covenant One World Order dominion agenda to enter the Emerald Covenant if the Founders would assist them in reclaiming Nibiru. The agreement included an attempted EOMC Bio-Regenesis Redemption Contract for the Pleiadian-Nibiruian's earthly Hyksos-Knights Templar Leviathan Hybrid Illuminati race line. (A 9th”Level Avatar known as “Jeshewua-9” was a D-ll non-christiac avatar of the Jehovian Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic collective on Emerald Covenant Redemption Contract, who was born in Bethlehem in 7BC to Hyksos mother Mary, husband of Hyksos Joseph of Arimathaea, and Nephilim father Isaiah. Jeshewua-9 was intended as the genetic carrier of the EOMC Host Matrix for the Hyksos Illuminati Anunnaki hybrid races of Earth.

The 6 Emerald Covenant EOMC Eckars of the Christ Period were intended to reclaim the Gold “Arc of the Covenant” Box containing the Rod and the Staff Star Gate tools from its burial place in Sakkara, Egypt. The Pleiadian-Nibiruian races agreed to return to the Eckars CDT-Plate-11 that had been stolen by Thoth in 22,340BC and hidden among Hyksos-Knights Templar families in Greece during Thoth's “Hermes” period. In fulfillment of the Christos Seeding Mission, the Rod, Staff, CDT-Plate-11 and Shield-11 Star Gate tools were to be brought to Cue-Site-11 Ireland in 12AD, by the Eckars, via the Inner Earth portals. Cue-Site-11 and its corresponding Star Gate-11 in England, the “11:11” Site, would be manually activated using the Star Gate tools, to disengage the NDC-Grid and Checkerboard Matrix grid program that was imbedded in the 11:11 Axiatonal/Ley Line via Stonehenge.

If the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki and Galactic Federation had not betrayed the Founders between 10AD-27AD, when they made counter agreements with the Drakonian Anunnaki and Necromiton-Andromie Nephilim races of Nibiru, the 6 EOMC Eckars would have traveled to Cue-Site-11 Ireland to disengage the NDC-Grid in December 12AD. (This was finally accomplished in July 2001). Three of the Christ Period EOMC Eckars were intended to serve as Emerald Covenant Speakers, offering Emerald Covenant entry and Melchizedek Cloister Baptism and, where needed, Redemption Contracts, to the public. Those accepting MC Baptism and Redemption Contracts would have the DNA Template activation levels necessary for temporary evacuation into Inner Earth, which would be needed for protection from the Earth changes that would result from the intended 12AD disengagement of the NDC-Grid.

In 10AD Pleiadian-Nibiruian races of Galactic Federation entered deals with the Marduke-Dramin Anunnaki and Necromiton-Andromie races controlling Nibiru, pulling out of their Emerald Covenant peace agreements. The 6 EOMC Eckars were unable to fulfill the second objective of the Christos Seeding Mission as the Anunnaki guided their Hyksos Illuminati races to relocate the hiding place in which the stolen CDT-Plate-11 was kept. Without the CDT-Plate-11 Shield Activator disc, the EOMC Eckars could not manually activate Star Gate-11 to release the NDC-Grid at Stonehenge. Galactic Federation also instructed the Hyksos Illuminati to attack the Team Indigo Essenes working with the 6 EOMC Eckars, in attempt to steal the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and Star Gate tools from them. The Anunnaki intended to use CDT-Plate-11 and the Rod and Staff tools to create pole shift, in hope of preventing activation of the High Veca Codes in Earth's Templar during the 2000AD-2017 AD SAC.

The Hyksos succeeded only in stealing the Staff tool from the Arc Box, and so could not fulfill their intended dominion agenda during the Christ Period. The “King Arthur” drama of 609AD was a continuation of this stalemate through which the again incarnate EOMC Eckars made headway in preparing for the 2000AD-2017AD SAC Christos Realignment. The sword “Excalibur” was the Staff tool, which King Arthur's Team Indigo reclaimed from the Hyksos descended Illuminati races.

The REAL Christmas Story is the story of the Eckatic Trinity of 46BC-37AD, the EOMC Team Indigo and their Eckari avatars, and their collective efforts to fulfill the Planetary Christos Seeding Mission, in order to prepare Earth's Templar for the final Christos Realignment Mission of 2000AD-2017AD.

The Coming of Jesheua-12

On November 22, 12BC at 12:14AM Jeudi gave birth to the male avatar infant in the House of Ben-Yumen, on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Saradi, Jeudi's half-sister by common Roman father Raviticus, and Merigedra Eckari-1, Saradi's 22-year-old daughter, served as midwives in the birth. Upon the infant's arrival, John the Baptist Eckari-1, then age 33 and known by his Greek name Ioannes, with the assistance of 11-year old Immanuel Eckari-2, presided in the initiation rites of the infant's EOMC Conjugate Baptism. On November 22, 12BC, Ioannes and Immanuel prepared the infant's body for integration of its Eckari-3 identity, which would occur one month later in fulfillment of the MC Conjugate Baptism and Regent Ordination. Upon his physical MC Initiation, the infant child was named Jesheua, the original Jesheua, a name chosen by his father Joehius. (The original ancient Hebrew alphabet of Atlantis once contained the letter equivalent of “J”, which was lost in Hebrew tradition when the Omicron-Drakonian sponsored Pharisees Illuminati removed 6 key letters from the Hebrew alphabet following the 25,500BC Lucifer Rebellion. Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani races retained these letters in their tradition through their open contact with the Eieyani Priests of Ur from Inner Earth. In original MC records, the Hebrew letter “J” was frequently used, whereas in compromised ancient Hebrew texts the Hebrew letter corresponding to “Y” was substituted. Illuminati records refer to “Jesheua” as “Yesheua”, etc.).

Jesheua and his mother Jeudi remained in hiding at the House of Ben-Yumen on the outskirts of Bethlehem, until December 20, 12BC, when they made the journey to the House of Joehius in Bethlehem City Commons, for completion of Jesheua's MC Conjugate Baptism on the December 21,12BC Winter Solstice. As is the case in all Indigo Child Types-1 and 2 births, the soul of Eckar Ascended Master Jesheua embodied into the physical vessel through the process called Soul-Braided Walk-in.

Indigo Child Soul-braided Walk-ins

The consciousness field of Indigo Types-1 and 2 oscillates at too high a frequency to directly integrate into a physical vessel that holds anything less than a natural 12-Strand DNA Template activation. Indigo Children Types 1 and 2 incarnate into Density-1 Earth physicality by entering a limited simultaneous incarnational cycle in various immortal Eieyani-Oraphim-Human Christiac Avatar bodies in Density-2 Semi-Etheric Matter Sirius B, Tara, Inner Tara and Parallel Tara Time Cycles, and within the Density-1 Inner Earth Time Cycle. Simultaneously, the Indigo identity enters the standard “2 Twelve Cycles” comprising the 1728 simultaneously incarnate identities of a Christiac Angelic Human Avatar within Densities 1 through 4 of the particle and anti-particle universes in our Time Matrix.

To begin incarnation in a Density-1 Earth body, the Indigo avatar first sends into the new physical vehicle for Fetal Integration the lowest oscillating incarnate soul identity of itself from the Density-2 Tara Time Cycle within the particle Earth incarnational 12-Cycle. Fetal Integration of the soul usually takes place between the 33rd - 56th days following conception of the physical zygote. Fetal Integration cannot occur at conception or before the 33rd day thereafter, as the oscillation rate of the energetic frequency that carries the consciousness is too fast and would destroy the scalar-wave template of the zygote's matter form resulting in miscarriage. In Indigo Children Types-1 and 2 births, the Density-2 soul from Tara integrates into the embryo and remains as the active soul in the body throughout birth and until the DNA Template activates sufficiently to hold the faster oscillating Oraphim-Eieyani avatar soul. The birth soul remains with the body, and the avatar soul remains in D-4 through D-6 bio-field Over-Shadow,

connected to the body via a partly activated 6th DNA Strand Template, unless early activation of the infant's DNA Template is orchestrated by Eieyani MC Master Priests of Ur.

When the body reaches the chronological age of 12 years, and if the bio-energetic field and DNA Template of the incarnate soul remain clear and are not compromised, the incarnating avatar works with its counterparts in Inner Earth and Sirius B to initiate Christiac Avatar integration DNA Template activations. When the 12-Strand DNA Template is initiated into activation via Level-3 MC Regent Ordination, the birth soul and Eieyani Indigo avatar identities prepare for a Soul-braided Walk-in.

To fulfill a Soul-braided Walk-in, the birth soul consciousness progressively raises in oscillation to the Density-2 rhythm. Simultaneously, the D-12 Christiac Avatar identity aspects stationed in Inner Earth and Density-2 Sirius B lower their oscillation rhythm to that of Density-1. Over the course of usually two to seven years, or rarely within a 12-day period after Regent Ordination, the birth soul disengages from the lower 3 Strands of the DNA Template, as usually occurs in biological death. The consciousness passes into the D-4 Astral body field awaiting ascension to Density-2. Simultaneously, and in a synchronistic manner, the Inner Earth and Sirius B identity aspects of the Eieyani avatar transmute their bodies to Density-5 ante-matter Primal Light, then lower their oscillation to D-4 Astral field rhythm. In the D-4 Astral Field of the incarnate body, the Christiac Avatar braids together its Inner Earth and Sirius B aspects of consciousness and memory imprint, then begins Christiac Avatar embodiment in the Density-1 Earth body by progressively merging its consciousness with DNA Strand Templates 1 through 12.

As the birth soul “Walks Out” to the D-4 Astral field, the Christiac Avatar identity “Walks In” to physical embodiment, releasing the birth soul from the body's karmic-Miasmic Imprint. Released from its “Karmic Imprint”, the birth soul takes an “evolutionary leap”, accelerating in frequency to merge its consciousness with the aspect of itself stationed “one life time ahead” of the original Taran incarnation from which it entered Density-1 Fetal Integration. The Christiac Avatar identity, now intertwined with, and responsible for the DNA Template of the Density-1 physical body, proceeds to clear any remaining Miasmic imprint from the body, while sequentially bringing into sustained activation the first 12 DNA Strand Templates of the Indigo genome for full Christiac Avatar embodiment. Once the body can hold at least temporary, sustained 12-Strand DNA Template activation, the Christiac Avatar will then begin activation of the 24 to 48 strands of its Indigo Eieyani DNA Template, if its specific Emerald Covenant Service Commission requires it to do so.

The Soul-Birth ofJesheua and the Three Kings Night of the Trinity, Winter Solstice December 21.12 BC

On the evening of December 20, 12BC, Joehius left his house in Bethlehem City Commons, traveling to the House of Ben-Yumen on outskirts of Bethlehem to escort Jeudi and baby Jesheua from their hiding place, back to their home in Bethlehem City. The trio traveled through the night by donkey, to avoid detection by the Illuminati Pharisees, Sadducees and the guard of King Herod of Judaea, all of whom sought to discover the whereabouts of, and to kill, the new avatar rumored to have been recently born. Joehius, Jeudi and baby Jesheua arrived safely at the House of Joehius before dawn on December 21, 12BC. It was necessary for Baby Jesheua to be relocated to the house of his father

Joehius by evening of December 21, 12BC, as this was to be the night of the Avatar-Soul-Birth. Eckar John the Baptist and 3 male Melchizedek Cloister Regent Maji Grail King Priests from other lands were scheduled to serve in attendance in completing Jesheua's Conjugate Baptism. John the Baptist and the Three Maji Kings were commissioned by the Inner Earth Eieyani Priests of UR to initiate the electrical frequency transmissions of MC Regent Ordination for early fulfillment of Jesheua's Indigo Child Soul-braided Walk-in.

The Three Kings, a brown-skinned Ram-vita Grail King from India, a yellow-skinned Yu Grail King from Tibet and a white-skinned Serres-Egyptian Grail King from Sakkara Egypt, were scheduled to meet John the Baptist at the House of Joehius, nearest the Bethlehem Inner Earth portal, on the evening of the December 21,12BC Winter Solstice.

Each of the Three Maji Grail Kings brought with them herbs, minerals and sacred preparations as gifts to John the Baptist for use in Jesheua's Soul-braided Walk-in MC Regent Ordination. The Maji of India brought a special preparation of myrrh, the Tibetan Maji brought frankincense and the Egyptian Maji brought a highly coveted elixir made from an ancient Atlantian Serres-Egyptian recipe. The most coveted, and potentially dangerous potion of all was that made from the collected residue of the transient element Celestalline, the liquid excreted through the skin during activation of Turn-Stile DNA in the Human Atomic Transmutation process associated with Star Gate passage Ascension. In ancient Egypt the pure Celestalline residue was known as “Stardust Blue” or i(,Blue Powder Gold“. (Upon contact with oxygen, liquid Celestalline secretions dry to a fine powder, which rapidly breaks down into inert elemental units. Celestalline powder is a natural bio-chemical by-product secreted by the body during Star Gate passage, or upon death of the physical body if the consciousness is able to achieve Star Gate ascension out of Density-1. Pure Celestalline powder can be collected in minute amounts by gently dusting the skin after one has passed through a Star Gate and re-manifested on the other side. If it is rapidly collected and specifically stored, pure Celestalline powder is a powerfiil healing agent as it can trigger temporary bursts of 12-Strand DNA Template activation for anchoring an individual's D-12 Divine Blueprint. Celestalline powder is only useful for this purpose if the Planetary Shields can run D-12 Maharata Current; which has not been the case since 208,216BC. In rare cases of expedited Indigo Child Soul-braided Walk-in, intended to commence in infancy, a minute amount of ingested pure Celestalline powder, plus tincture applied to the Base, Crown and 12th Chakras, can temporarily trigger a minute burst of 12-Strand DNA Template activation, even on a planet void of D-12 Current. This effect can only be gained IF the powder is collected and preserved from a planetary system capable of running D-12 Maharata Current, and used rapidly after collection, before it looses its core D-12 sub-harmonic electrical charge. In ancient Egypt, impure Celestalline powder or its aged residue was harvested from corpses or mummies whenever discovered. Impure Celestalline powder, known as “White Powder Celestalline” or “White Powder Gold” was used by Illuminati Pharaohs to trigger psychic powers by unnatural activation of higher strands in the DNA Template; this process led to permanent disability of the lower DNA strands, physical addiction to the substance and eventual insanity. As Celestalline powder derivatives and alchemical concoctions made from elemental gold with the intention of mimicking Celestalline effects were lethal, and widely abused in ancient Egypt, the Eieyani Priests of Inner Earth removed this knowledge and access to the substance from surface Earth. Use of pure Celestalline powder by Grail Line MC Priests for MC Ordinate applications was permitted only on rare occasions, under direct supervision of the Inner Earth Eieyani.)

The Egyptian Maji attending the Avatar-Soul-Birth of infant Jesheua in 12BC was entrusted to bring the “gift of the Gold”, an elixir of Celestalline Blue Powder Gold manufactured in Inner Earth by the Eieyani Priests of UR. The Eieyani created the Blue Powder Gold elixir, specifically for the purpose of triggering temporary 12-Strand DNA Template activation to orchestrate the extremely rare event of a 12-day Indigo Soul-braided Walk-in for infant Jesheua.

Eckar-1 John the Baptist had received his Level-6 Eckar Ordination from the Eieyani Priests on his 33rd birthday, December 21, 13BC and was taken to the Arc of the Covenant at Giza to transmit the electrical portions of the Tri, Khu, Dha and Rha Veca Codes into Earth's Templar. John's Eckatic Twin Merigedra fulfilled her Eckar Ordination and magnetic Veca Code

Transmission on her 22nd birthday, September 1, 12BC. Eckar-2 Immanuel was to receive his • • • • th Level-6 Eckar Ordination and electrical Eckasha Code transmission on his coming 12 birthday,

January 1st, 11BC. Immanuel's Eckatic Twin Ashridari received her Eckar Ordination and fulfilled her magnetic Eckasha Code transmission on her second birthday, February 2nd, 12BC.

Like Jesheua, Marahari Eckar-3, Jesheua's Eckatic Twin, received her Level-3 Regent Ordination and Bi-Veca Code transmission on July 21, 13BC, one month after her birth on June 21, 13BC. The December 21, 12BC Level-3 Regent Ordination and Soul-Birth of Avatar Jesheua represented a “Completion of the High Veca Circle”; the Eckatic Trinity was fully incarnate on Earth in order to fulfill the Christos Seeding Mission.

The 3 Grail King MC Priests did not “follow a star” to Bethlehem to find baby Jesheua, as the legend is falsely told. Each of the 3 Grail Kings had been earlier approached by an Eieyani Priest of Ur from Inner Earth named Ma-a-hoo'-e-tA, and told that their service was needed in Bethlehem on the Winter Solstice. Ma'-a, as this Eieyani Priest is often called, provided each of the 3 Grail Kings with the protected sacred knowledge of the access keys and Inner Earth portal locations that connected their lands to the Inner Earth portal of Bethlehem. The “3 Kings” became known as the “Three Wise Men''' within the Anunnaki falsified legends, due to their knowledge of Earth's Templar, Inner Earth portal locations and the Christos Seeding Mission. The 3 Grail Kings entered Bethlehem through the Inner Earth portal after sunset on December 21, 12BC, and proceeded to the nearby House of Joehius in Bethlehem Commons, to fulfill their Priestly duties in the Regent Ordination of infant Jesheua. The 3 Kings did not at first realize that their portal entry into Bethlehem had been witnessed by a member of the Sadducee guard; it was Ma'a, whom had emerged from the portal to re-set its security access template, that discovered the detection. When the Sadducees discovered the presence of the 3 Grail Kings in Bethlehem, they would alert Herod of Judaea, and both would send their legions to hunt down the Indigo avatar infant to whom the 3 Kings were prophesized to attend. Ma'a observed the quick return of several Sadducee guards who were then posted to contain the area at which the 3 Kings were reported to be seen. Sneaking past the guards undetected, Ma'a ran under the cloak of night to the House of Ben-Yumen on the outskirts of Bethlehem, as the 3 Kings made their way safely to the House of Joehius. Ma'a intended to devise a way by which the Kings could escape from Bethlehem after attending to the Soul-Birth of Jesheua, before Herod and the Sadducees discovered the location of Joehius's house where the Indigo's were hiding.

The 3 Grail King priests arrived at the House of Joehius after nightfall, to meet Jesheua and John the Baptist. The process of Jesheua's Regent Ordination was completed by 9:45 PM. Ma'a reached the House of Ben-Yumen, informing Ben-Yumen of the pending trouble and asking his assistance. Ben-Yumen offered Ma'a his two camels and a donkey, to serve as transportation by which the 3 Kings could escape Bethlehem, in order to make the journey to the main Jerusalem Inner Earth portal, from which they could return to their homelands safe from Illuminati interference. Ben-Yumen's nearly 12-year-old son Immanuel, Eckar-2, volunteered to go with Ma'a to take the beasts to the home of Joehius in Bethlehem Commons. Ma'a and Immanuel, posing as shepherds in search of missing flock, rode to Bethlehem Commons, bringing the beasts to the stable of Joehius. They entered the home of Joehius around 9:15PM, just before Jesheua's Regent Ordination was complete, telling of the coming threat of Herod's and the Sadducee's guard, and the need to lead the Grail Kings home by way of the Jerusalem portal.

Ma'a planned to send Immanuel to the stables of the Inn on the east side of Bethlehem commons, the route the Kings would take to emerge into the desert night undetected by the Sadducee Illuminati guard. Immanuel was given a small skin drum by Joehius, and provided with 2 different drumbeat codes, one meaning “Safe Passage”, the other “Guard Warning”. Immanuel went ahead to the designated stable location to observe the activity of the Sadducee guard. When the area near the Inn appeared clear of guards Immanuel beat out one round of the “Safe Passage” drumbeat, which was heard by Ma'a, waiting at the House of Joehius. Ma'a then lead the 3 Grail Kings upon the beasts, through the quiet streets of Bethlehem, to the edge of town in the east. Ma'a instructed the Kings to ride into the desert by following the “Brightest Star”. The “Star” that the 3 Kings followed to escape from Bethlehem AFTER tending to Jesheua, was a Merkaba Vehicle Plasma Ship, intentionally positioned by the Maharajhi Blue races of Sirius B. Ma'a had arranged through his constant telepathic link with the Maharajhi, for the “Star of Bethlehem” Merkaba Ship to appear, to direct the Grail Kings to the appropriate desert area. The Kings were instructed to wait in the desert for Ma'a's return the following evening, December 22, 12BC, for escort to the Jerusalem Inner Earth portal. But Ma'a, in the flesh, could not return.

The "Little Drummer Boy"

Morning of Mourning 12:16AM December 22,12 BC

Ma'a had led the 3 Grail Kings to the desert edge on the east of Bethlehem, as Immanuel waited hiding in the stable by the Inn keeping guard over Ma'a's intended return path. Ma'a was to return to the stable to collect Immanuel and safely return him to the House of Ben-Yumen on the outskirts of Bethlehem before dawn. Immanuel watched the Inn road from the shadows of the stable and Ma'a began his return from the desert edge as the 3 Kings followed the “Star” into the safety of the desert night. Suddenly Immanuel heard a clamoring of people coming down the old Inn road; he was quick to identify them as the Sadducee guard, who had begun door-to-door raids in search of the Kings and the avatar infant. If Immanuel did not warn Ma'a, Ma'a would be caught by the Sadducees as he returned to the stable. In hope of alerting Ma'a to the pending danger and diverting the Sadducees attentions from the nearby home of Joehius, Immanuel, hidden in the stable, repeatedly beat out the “Guard Warning” drumbeat upon his small skin drum.

Hearing the odd drumming in the silent night, the Sadducees stopped their raids to trace the beating to its source. The Sadducees descended upon the Inn stable just as Ma'a had returned. Knowing Immanuel was trapped within the stable, and that his arrest and anticipated torture and interrogation by the Sadducees would bring Herod's suspicion down upon the Houses of Ben-Yumen and Joehius, Ma'a attempted to create a diversion by running and yelling through the street. Ma'a dodged behind the stable and entered from the rear, hoping to lead Immanuel out to safety in the direction opposite to the Sadducees' advance. But several Sadducees remained posted at the stable, and saw Ma'a's entry and the waiting boy. They hailed the return of the remaining guard.

Ma'a and Immanuel knew they could not allow themselves to be captured by the Sadducees because Immanuel would be easily identified as the son of Ben-Yumen, endangering all of the Indigo Grail Line families in Bethlehem. They had to find means of escape. They refused the Sadducees repeated demands of surrender, and the Sadducees began throwing their lit torches upon and within the Inn stable. The small stable was quickly surrounded in flames; there was no point of escape for Ma'a and Immanuel. Ma'a laid 11 year old Immanuel in the water trough from which the stable beasts had drunk, then lay his own large body atop of him, in hope of protecting the boy from the encroaching flames. Just before Ma'a lay down to cover the boy, he saw the roof beams of the stable glow red with flame and heard the whining crackle of their burden. Both Ma'a and Immanuel knew at that moment that a new plan for fulfillment of the Christos Seeding Mission would need to be initiated; both knew that their physical bodies would die that pre-dawn morning of December 22,12BC, and that both would need to return to complete their part of the Sacred Mission.

Ma'a and Immanuel left their bodies at will as they he in the water trough “manger”, just before the stable roof collapsed to consume their physical vessels within the angry flames. Both died in peace, knowing that they had at least diverted the Sadducee's immediate attentions away from the House of Joehius, leaving time for baby Jesheua to be led to safety. The morning of December 22,12BC, from 12AM to dawn is known as the “Morning of Mourning”, among the Emerald Covenant races, in commemoration of the sacrifice of love made by Immanuel the “Little Drummer Boy” and Ma'a, in their protection of Jesheua and commitment to the Christos Seeding Mission. The Morning of Mourning rapidly gave way to a Celebration of Eternal Life, as December 22, 12BC became the “Day of Visitations through which the Christos Seeding Mission was at least partially completed.

The Shepherd of Light and Feast of the Golden Wreath Day of Visitations- Dawn to Dusk December 22.12 BC

Following the death of their physical bodies in the stable fire, Ma'a and Immanuel transitioned to the spirit form with which they were most accustomed. The 3 Grail Kings, unaware of the tragedy, remained in the desert awaiting Ma'a's return to guide them home through the Jerusalem Inner Earth portal. News of the stable fire spread throughout Bethlehem, reaching the House of Joehius and Ben-Yumen by dawn. Immanuel's mother and sister Merigedra entered a state of deep mourning, as did John the Baptist in the House of Joehius. From their position in spirit form, Ma'a and Immanuel received guidance from the Founders to work together in keeping the Christos Seeding Mission on track. They were told to engage a series of Spirit Visitations, beginning just after dawn on December 22,12BC.

VISITATION ONE: Ma'a and Immanuel first appeared in physically tangible spirit form to Immanuel's sister Merigedra at the House of Ben-Yumen on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Immanuel told his grieving sister to mourn no more, that he would return but for a little while. He told Merigedra to bring her mother Saradi and father Ben-Yumen to the House of Joehius on that evening of December 22, 12BC, but to wait in Bethlehem Commons before going to Joehius's house until they heard the special beating of a single drum. Merigedra's aging mother could not make the journey by foot, and the family's beasts of travel had all been given to Ma'a for the 3 Kings on the evening before.

Immanuel told Merigedra to look into their grazing field, and there she saw a donkey appear in one moment when it had not been there one moment before; a small miracle from Source-God provided through the efforts of Ma'a and Immanuel. Merigedra was also given by Immanuel, a set of small branches of golden sage, a healing plant grown only in the territories of Inner Earth. She was told to make a wreath of them, as if a golden crown, and to give this gift to the Baby Jesheua when they arrived at the House of

Joehius that evening. Merigedra and her mother and father began the short journey to the House of Joehius at sundown.

VISITATION TWO: After speaking with Merigedra on the early morning of December 22, 12BC, Immanuel and Ma'a in spirit form next visited the 3 Grail King priests awaiting Ma'a's return in the desert. Ma'a told them of the stable fire, and that they were to stay a while in the desert until evening, when Ma'a would return to guide them to the Jerusalem Inner Earth portal.

VISITATION THREE: Ma'a and Immanuel next appeared in a visitation to John the Baptist at the House of Joehius. They told John to have Jeudi and Joehius prepare a feast of celebration for the guests from the House of Ben-Yumen that would arrive that night. They also told John to prepare Jeudi to release baby Jesheua to the safe keeping of the Eieyani Priests, who would ensure his safe passage to the Arc of the Covenant at Giza Egypt, for transmission of his Bi-Veca Codes between December 26, 12BC and January 2, 11BC. Immanuel, in spirit form, handed John the Baptist a physically tangible small, skin drum, like the one he had played in the stable. He told John to watch the evening sky for the second sign of the Star, which would be shown by the Maharajhi of Sirius B, when they observed the family of Ben-Yumen arriving in Bethlehem commons. When John saw the Star, he was to take the little drum to a field not far from the House of Joehius, and beat out one time the “Safe Passage” rhythm, to let the family of Ben-Yumen know that it was safe to come.

The family of Ben-Yumen arrived in Bethlehem Commons nearing 8:15 PM on December 22, 12 BC, as John the Baptist saw the second showing of the Star appear and beat out the Safe Passage drumming. All gathered then at the House of Joehius, where Jeudi had prepared a Celebration Feast as had been requested, though no one yet understood what the celebration was for. After the food and wine was shared, all sat gathered round the hearth, wondering for what they had been assembled.

VISITATION FOUR: Infant Jesheua slept sweetly in his mother Jeudi's arms, when suddenly a pale golden-silver sphere of light appeared to the right side of Jeudi, startling everyone in the room save for Jesheua, who gently awoke from his sleep and smiled. The sphere of light stretched vertically to become a pillar of light, and the pillar of light then split into two pillars. As the family watched in wonder, two figures emerged into physical expression from the pillars of light before them; Immanuel and Ma'a then stood in physically tangible form, encased in the pillars of light, together singing a sacred Holy Psonn.

When their song was through, Immanuel spoke to his mother and sister, comforting their pain at his passing and telling them that he would return in the year HAD as the son of John the Baptist. Ma'a then instructed Merigedra to place the Golden Wreath of Sage that she had made upon the infant Jesheua's head. Ma'a then placed his large black hand upon the Golden Wreath and for a moment the Sage-branches glowed with pale golden-silver light, sitting as a Crown of Light upon the infant's head. In his touch, Ma'a had transmitted the access security codes to the Arc of the Covenant portal passage at Giza, into the DNA Template of Jesheua; the codes that would allow him to conduct ascensions through the Arc of the Covenant when he reached manhood.

Immanuel then told Jeudi that she must allow John the Baptist and Merigedra to take the infant Jesheua into the desert on the night of December 24, 12BC, where he would be taken by an Eieyani Priest of UR to Inner Earth. From Inner Earth Jesheua would be then taken to the Arc of the Covenant at Giza, to transmit his Bi-Veca Code into Earth's Templar between December 26, 12BC- January 2, 11BC. Jeudi and Joehius were told that the Eieyani must keep Jesheua in Inner Earth with them until he turned the age of 12, if the child were not to be found and destroyed by the guard of Herod of Judaea. Jesheua would be returned to them through John the Baptist in Sakkara Egypt, when he turned 12 years of age.

Jeudi and Joehius understood, but were saddened at the coming loss of their son; Immanuel then spoke and told them of the child that lived already within the womb of Jeudi; his name was to be Samuel, the brother of Jesheua, who would come to heal the loss of Jesheua. Ma'a and Immanuel then dematerialized, instructing the family to burn the Golden Wreath within the fire, to release its frequency into their home, to provide temporary protection. The Feast of the Golden Harvest Wreath on the evening of December 22, became a tradition among the Indigo Grail Line race of Earth since this time.

Following the 4th Visitation, Ma'a then re-visited the 3 Grail Kings awaiting him in the desert. Ma'a told them to set loose their beasts, bury their kingly goods and to tear their clothes like beggars, so they might approach the city of Jerusalem as unassuming beggars. Ma'a, again manifesting in tangibly physical form, taking on the image of an old Shepherd, led the disguised kings to the Jerusalem Inner Earth portal entrance, arriving a bit after dawn on December 23, 12BC. The 3 Kings safely passed to Inner Earth through the Jerusalem portals, and returned to their respective homelands on December 24,12BC, with the commission of committing their knowledge into sacred writings among their cultures. In these writings, Ma'a became known as “The Way-Shower” and the “Shepherd of Light”, the original “Father Christmas” upon which later legends were built.

On December 23, 12BC, John the Baptist and his Eckatic Twin Merigedra took infant Jesheua into the desert to meet the Eieyani Priest.

On December 24, 12BC the Eckatic Twins were married by the Eieyani Priest and told to stay two days in the desert for later instruction.

On December 26th, 12BC, the Eieyani Priests brought infant Jesheua to the Arc of the Covenant at Giza, where his Bi-Veca Codes were transmitted into Earth's Templar, between December 26,12 BC and January 2nd, 11BC.

Also on December 26, 12BC a group of 3 Eieyani Priests emerged from Inner Earth to bring the understanding of the Christos Seeding Mission to John and Merigedra. The Priests explained that the Eckasha Code carried by Immanuel had not been entered into Earth's Templar as intended, because Immanuel's body had died prior to his Eckar Ordination originally scheduled for January 1, 11BC, which would have been Immanuei's 12th Birthday if he had not been killed in the stable fire on December 22, 12BC. John and Merigedra, each carrying the DNA Templates of an Eckar and together representing fully incarnate Eckari, could serve as parents of Immanuel when he returned to fulfill his part in the Christos Seeding Mission. The only problem was that Merigedra was infertile, and could not conceive a child. The Founders, through their Eieynai spokesmen, asked John and Merigedra if they would sacrifice, for just a little while, the great comfort of their love and companionship of which they had just rendered fulfilled in marriage. Merigedra would need to die in the flesh, to rapidly be reborn and grow up to again marry John, a union through which the re-birth of Eckar-2 Immanuel could be complete to fulfill re-seeding of the Eckasha Code into Earth's Templar. With great sadness but devotion to the Christos Seeding Mission, John and Merigedra agreed. John was told to leave Merigedra in the desert, and on January 1, 11BC to look again for the third and last showing of the “Star”, which would tell him that Merigedra had passed on. December 26, 12BC became known as the “Day of Revelation”.

On January 1st, 11BC Merigedra left her body to return to spirit form.

On January 2, 11BC, infant Jesheua completed full transmission of the Bi-Veca Christos Code into Earth's Templar and his stay in the Arc of the Covenant beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza came to an end. Jesheua was taken into Inner Earth and raised by the Eieyani Priests until he was returned to John the Baptist in Sakkara Egypt at the age of 12 years. January 2, 11BC became known as the “Festival of Light”, the “Night of the Christos Mass”, commemorating the return of the Bi-Veca Code and the Christiac Potential to Earth and its peoples. This day is considered the “High Holy Day” and true “Christmas” of the Emerald Covenant Indigo Grail Line races.

On September 1, 5BC Merigedra was re-born to Jeudi and Ben-Yumen, whom had married following the death of Ben-Yumen's wife, Jeudi's sister Saradi. Merigedra returned in 5BC as the albino female child named Miriam, maternal half-sister of Jesheua.

On December 24,10AD, young Miriam was again married to her elder Eckatic Twin John the Baptist, Ioannes, in a ceremony preformed by her older half-brother Jesheua.

On December 21, 11AD, Miriam gave birth to John's son Jeremiah-Immanuel, the return of Eckar Immanuel and the Eckasha Code. The Eckasha Code was reentered into Earth's Templar on January 1, 12AD, fulfilling one of the two Founders' objectives of the Christos Seeding Mission.

Between 10AD-27AD, the Nibiruian Anunnaki and Galactic Federation broke their Emerald Covenant promises to the Founders, and proceeded to misdirect their Jesheua-9 Anunnaki D-ll avatar, born 7BC, and their Hyksos Illuminati hybrids, into their original Luciferian Covenant One World Order Illuminati dominion agenda, which culminated in the 27AD event known as the “Essene Divide”. But because of the partial success of the Christ Period Christos Seeding Mission, the High Veca Codes were re-set in Earth's Templar to allow for the fulfillment of the Planetary Christos Realignment Mission in our contemporary 2000AD-2017AD SAC. The Story of the High Vecas is the REAL story of Christmas, and it is the celebration of the return of Earth's Christos Divine Blueprint and Humanity's Final Freedom from the Fallen Angelic forces of Phantom matrix.

The dates of December 21, 12 BC through January 2,11BC became known as the “12 Days of Christos Mass”, each day representing the activation of the Bi-veca Code within one of the 12-DNA Strand Templates of infant Jesheua. The 12 Days of Christmas culminate in the Christos Mass/Festival of Light of January 2.

Since the times of the Christ Period, the Christos Mass has been the celebration of the CHRISTOS AWAKENING that was long scheduled to take place on January 2, 2002AD, when the Bi-Veca Code would reach critical mass and begin its activation cycle in Earth's Templar, initiating the fulfillment of the Planetary Christos Realignment Mission, intended to complete on December 21, 2012AD. The REAL Christmas story will reach its final chapters in our contemporary times, as the Team Indigo Grail Line races have returned to fulfill their part in the Planetary Christos Realignment Mission.

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