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608 AD 
 2017 AD

1916 Zeta Surveillance

Zeta races begin participating in the Earth drama on behalf of the Zephelium-Zeta Rigelian and Odedicron-Reptilian (Orion) agenda.


1930s-1940s Covert Treaties

The Zeta negotiate covert treaties with Nephedem Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati human governments, through which “Majestic-12” and the contemporary “UFO Movement” emerge on behalf of the Drakonian OWO agenda, which was initiated as a result of the pending Anunnaki takeover agenda. Anunnaki Fallen Angelics ad­vance their remote “Channel” contact with selected humans.


1983 Orion Intrusion

Omicron-Drakonian races of Orion get directly in­ volved in the drama, forming alliances with the Odedicron-Reptilian and Dracos races; Zeta's lose footing in Illuminati affairs as Drakonians take over Zeta Treaties, some Zetas leave, Rigelian Zetas join to strengthen Drakonian forces in Earth affairs.

1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements

Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki and Galactic Federation races enter Emerald Covenant peace treaty when they realize that they may succumb to Drakonian Force in the anticipated 2000-2017 Final Conflict Drama. Agree to turn Solar Star Gate-4 control back over to Emerald Covenant races, to end the Atlantian Luciferian Covenant for co-evolution programs, to assist Emerald Covenant and Hu­man races in running proper Roundtables to block further Drakonian infiltration and promise to disengage Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid by January 1, 2000. The “New Age Movement” takes a turn toward the Light.

1999 Centaurian-Necromiton Intrusion

Drakonian agenda Necromiton-An­dromie and Alpha-Omega Centauri races get involved to reinforce the Dra­konian agenda in reaction to Anunnaki joining the Emerald Covenant.

January 2000 SAC Rebellion

When the Stellar Activations Cycle com­menced on January I, 2000, Galactic Federation and Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki groups defect from Emerald Covenant once Stellar Activa­tions Cycle was confirmed, as Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim offer full support to the Anunnaki OWO agenda.

July 5, 2000 Treaty of Altair

Galactic Federation and most Anunnaki groups grudgingly accept re-entry into the Emerald Covenant to secure greater protection when Annu-Elohim of Sirius A and Arcturus suffer heavy losses to the Fallen Seraphim Drakonian force in Density-3 Orion.

September 12, 2000 Unit­ed Intruder Resistance Alliance

Necromiton-Andromie and Alpha-Omega-Centau­ri races convince many Drakonian and Anunnaki legions to form a “Unit­ed Resistance Alliance” (UIR) against the Emerald Covenant to ensure fulfillment of their common interest in the OWO dominion agenda. Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and most Anunnaki Legions break the Treaty of Altair to join the UIR. UIR adopts the Anunnaki Lu­ciferian Covenant Agenda, which includes “termination” of the Angelic Human races of Earth and forced pole shift, induced via Battlestar Ni­biru (“Wormwood”) and the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid. September 12, 2000, UIR offers Emerald Covenant races an ultimatum. UIR would allow the Lyran-Sirian Guardian races to evacuate 50,000 of their “Indigo Children Maji Grail Lines,” then the rest of Earth's populations would fall prey to fulfillment of the Luciferian Covenant agenda. Emerald Cove­rnant Races refuse, on behalf of all Angelic Human and Hybrid populations of Earth that desire to live in freedom, and in order to prevent Earth's Halls of Amenti star gates from falling under UIR dominion. UIR issue a formal Edict of War on September 12, 2000, against Emerald Covenant races and the Angelic Humans of Earth.


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608 AD 
 2017 AD
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