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서문: Connecting The Dots

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906 BC 
 1,916 AD


608 AD - Arthurian Grail Quest

Maji Grail King Arthur (born 559) and the “Knights of the Round Table” were the Maji Grail King Melchizedek Cloister Regents who protected the “Holy Grail” Knowledge of Earth's Planetary Templar Complex. Arthur, Guinevere and the Roundtable Knights held the Planetary Security Commission of reclaiming the Staff tool from the Hyksos Illuminati and were intended to run the RRTs to dis­engage the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid,in fulfillment of the Jesheua-John-Miriam Emerald Covenant Mission. Though Merlin assisted in the return of the Staff Star Gate tool (the “Sword Excalibur”) to Maji Ar­thur's protection, “Merlin” (Victorous) later betrayed the Emerald Cove­nant Mission in favor of the Hyksos-Knights Templar Galactic Federation World Dominion agenda. Arthur successfully returned the Staff tool to the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and relocated the Arc Box containing the Rod and Staff from the Vale of Pewsey, England to where it remains hidden today. Arthur and his Knights were unsuccessful in dis­engaging the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid. But at least they managed to hide the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and Rod and Staff tools from Galactic Federation, their Hyksos-Knights Templar and the eventually competing Nephedem-Drakonian Knights Malta, preventing them from fulfilling their planetary genocide and takeover agenda. The “Quest for the Holy Grail” and “Search for Arc of the Covenant Gold Box” has continued ever since.

1244 AD - Albigensian Crusade

Church of Rome Nephedem Annu­-Melchizedek Illuminati, on behalf of the Omicron-Drakonian OWO (One World Order) agenda, launch a genocide campaign against the Maji Grail Line Catheri, the Tribe-12, Star Gate-12 Guardians in southern France. The campaign was initiated to stop the Catheri from using their Roundta­ble knowledge to disengage the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid, knowledge gained from CDT-Plate-12, which was in possession of the Catheri at this time. The Catheri's “last stand” was at Monsegur, Southern France, an event historically recorded as the “Albigensian Crusade,” in which the Catheri were cornered and burned alive at the order of the Church of Rome and accomplices in the government of France. A small group of Catheri escaped with CDT-Plate 12 and numerous volumes of pure Jesheua-Essene records, which were hidden in France, and will one day provide witness to the realities of the Atlantian Conspiracy.


1500 AD - Ameka Crusade

The quest for the “Holy Grail” continued as Hyksos-Knights Templar Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races and Omi­cron-Drakonian Nephedem Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races advanced their OWO agenda in pursuit of the “Holy GRU-AL.” The Gru­-AL Point is the central control point for Earth's Templar and both com­peting groups intended to hold dominion over the lands of the Gru-AL Point when the 2000-2017 SAC arrived. The “Protestant & Catholic In­vasion” of Native American Tribes began. The name “America” came from the name of one of the Emerald Covenant Maji Grail lines known as the Ameka, who were protectors of the Gru-AL Point. The Gru-AL Point was known to exist in the lands of the North American continent, a territory once held by Atlantis. Guided through “Mystical Secret Soci­eties” set up by their respective Fallen Angelic kin, competing groups of Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races launched a progressive infiltration and take over of the North American continent. Each intended to destroy the exiled Lemurian and native Seminol and Ameka “Native American” Maji Grail Line Tribes who had knowledge of Running the Roundtables, in a systematic take-over of the North American Templar.

“America” was founded by the Luciferian Hyksos-Knights Templar Annu­ Melchizedek Illuminati, who now go by the name of “Free Masons,” on behalf of Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki races of the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant. Competing Illuminati groups and their Stellar co-conspirators intended to use the North American Gru­-AL Point, and their holdings of Star-Gate-11 Europe, Star Gate-4 Egypt and Star Gate-10 Middle East, to gain full control of Earth's Templar on behalf of their Stellar contacts during the 2000-2017 SAC.

It was anticipated by all that the “Final Conflict Drama” and the “Battle of Armageddon” would take place as the competing Drakonian and Anun­naki descendant Annu-Melchizedek Human Illuminati legions “battled it out” for control of Earth's Templar during the long-awaited 2000-2017 SAC. Neither side anticipated that there would be enough surviving An­gelic Human 12-Tribes and Maji races left with knowledge to run the Roundtables to prevent the Illuminati, known as the “Leviathan Force,” from succeeding in their OWO agenda. Included in this OWO agenda was the re-initiation of contact with the Fallen Angelic/ET Legions as the SAC drew closer. The Fallen Angelics intended to slowly make their pres­ence known then come in to “stake their claim” as the 2000-2017 SAC approached 2012 AD. The Drakonian-Reptilian-Centaurian descent Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races attempted, but failed, to claim world dominion over their Anunnaki adversaries via their representative Hitler in WW2. Both Illuminati races have been competing for political world dominion. They have been the predominant, hidden source of war, race hatreds and territorial, financial and religious competition behind and within world governments, until the September 12th, 2000 UIR. On Sep­tember 12, 2000, most competing Illuminati races, and their respective Fallen Angelic “ring leaders” agreed to take a united stand against Emer­ald Covenant races to ensure success of the OWO dominion agenda and destruction of the Angelic Human races during the 2000-2017 SAC.

1750 AD - Nibiruian-Re-acquaintance

Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki races and Galactic Federation began initiating remote “Channel Con­tact” with their “Chosen Ones,” providing contrived spiritual teachings intended to develop into the later “New Age Movement,” through which direct Fallen Angelic/ET contact could be made with little human resis­tance.

출처: Ashayana Deane - Voyagers II

906 BC 
 1,916 AD
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