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3,470 BC 
 608 AD


906 BC - Fall of Solomon's Temple

King Solomon, (Hyksos Annu­-Melchizedek + Serres-Egyptian Maji Grail Line), son of Hyksos King Da­vid, is guided by Galactic Federation to use stolen Arc of Covenant Gold Box tools to destroy Hebrew Angelic Human Tribe-2 races of Israel to claim “Promised Land” and advance global dominion. Pleiadian­-Serres Emerald Covenant race of Alcyone intervenes directly with beam ship, intending to teleport Arc Box and tools out of Solomon's Temple and return it to Maji Grail king protection, preventing Solomon's assault on Hebrews and advancement of the pole shift agenda. Galactic Federation attempts to teleport Arc Box to their Pleiadian Ship but mis­-calculate, destroying Solomon's Temple completely with a Photo-Radi­onic Wave beam. Pleiadian-Serres retrieve Arc Box and prevent pole shift agenda.

26 BC - Roman Invasion

Omicron-Drakonian legions of Orion move their Nephedem Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races into political power within the Ionian Empire of Italy, deposing Angelic Human Tribe-5 of Italy and Ionian exiled Celtec, Druidec and Seminol Atlantian Maji Grail Kings to create stronghold of Roman Empire dominion. Progres­sively infiltrate and transpose their race identity over the Angelic Hu­man Tribe-5 and Maji Grail Line Ionians of Italy and begin corruption of Ionian Grail Kings' Sacred CDT-Plate Spiritual Teachings to create the foundations for the “Church of Rome” Catholic Religious Control Dogma political machine.


23 AD - Essene Divide

Galactic Federation unites groups of Luciferian Hyksos king and Jehovian Hassa King Annu-Melchizedeks to raid Emerald Covenant Mission of Maji Grail King Essenes, Jesheua (Jesus Christ), John the Baptist and Miriam in Tel el Amerna, Egypt. Due to Essene Divide raids,Jesheua's Grail King Essenes are unable to fulfill in­tended mission of disengaging the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid to free Solar Star Gate-4 and Earth's Star Gate-11 to prepare for the 2000 ~ 2017 SAC and scheduled Planetary Christos Realignment Mission. The Maji Essenes had fulfilled part of the mission by reclaiming the Rod Star Gate tool and its Arc of the Covenant Gold Box from Galactic Federa­tion's Noah-Abraham-Moses Hyksos Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati line, but could not recover the Staff tool. Following failure of the intended Planetary Security Mission, Jesheua, John, Miriam and several Maji Grail King Essenes hid Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and its Rod tool in Vale of Pewsey, England, via Tel el Amarna Inner Earth portal passage.

325 AD - Council of Nicaea

Omicron-Drakonian legions motivated their Nephedem Annu-Melchizedek Illuminati races governing the Roman Empire to temporarily join forces with Galactic Federation and the Ple­iadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki. In this unholy alliance, the Nephedem, Lu­ciferian Knights Templar, Hyksos King and Jehovian Anunnaki Hassa King Annu-Melchizedeks assembled to “come up with a cover story” to hide from public record the realities of Jesheua's Emerald Covenant Mission. Groups of Hassa king Rabbis, Hyksos Kings and Knights Templar Priests, and Roman Nephedem Knights of Malta launched a Crusade to confiscate all records of the Emerald Covenant Essene CDT­ Plate translations. They combined various elements of true history and spiritual teachings with numerous falsfications and massive omissions of Templar and Ascension teachings, to create the patriarchal, False-God control dogma creed that became the “Canonized Bible.” Their inten­tions were to forcefully hide all knowledge of the Emerald Covenant Christos Realignment Mission while they searched for the Arc of the Cov­enant Gold Box. They intended to claim the Arc Box and prevent the “common people” from having the Maji Grail King knwoledge of the Roundtables, to insure victory of their Anti-Christic One World Order dominion agenda during the 2000 ~ 2017 SAC.

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3,470 BC 
 608 AD
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